Friday, August 16, 2013

Thrifty skin care....essential oils...

I've just bought some essential oils.

After some research and some thought on what I'd use them for, I purchased the following.

Scotch Pine
West Indian Lime
Jasmine Absolute

I'll use the Wintergreen and Scotch Pine to make chest rub and liniment for aches and pains for my Comfort Baskets (which I see becoming a year round gift).

The Sandalwood, West Indian Lime and Jasmine Absolute will go into scented hand milled soap.

The Neroli and Jasmine Absolute were also specifically chosen for their suggested benefit to skin care, and will go into my facial serum and moisturisers. Neroli is said to relieve the redness of broken capillaries amongst other things, as well.

Neroli and Jasmine are also well documented as natural remedies for sadness, anxiety and depression, so I'll be making some melts with those to give to friends who need some uplifting.

For most skin care products, they'll be added at the rate of 10 drops of essential oil or two drops of Absolute, per 30gms (1 oz.) of serum, oil, liniment base or cream.

I added some Neroli and Jasmine Absolute to my facial serum last night. The oils have made the serum a little lighter and easier to apply, and the fragrance...oh. my. goodness. Sublime. A bit like a Spring evening and a Summer afternoon all melded together. The Diva came and sat next to me after I'd showered and applied the serum to my face, neck and chest, and couldn't stop snuggling and breathing in the scent. She must have said ten times 'Oh smell so nice'.

Not only that, but the scent of the Jasmine lingered on my hands and arms where I'd massaged the excess serum in, and each time I caught a whisper of the Jasmine or Neroli, I couldn't wipe the smile from my face for some reason. It was totally unconscious, but I just felt ridiculously happy and at peace.

There must be something to it.

All of those oils, at $97, came to less than one jar of upmarket face cream or facial serum, and will keep me happy and supplied in lush face and body products for a year or more.

I got mine here:

...after researching a few sites and deciding that they had the best range at the best price. No, I don't know them, I've never dealt with them before, and they haven't paid me to plug them ;0)

I foresee Jasmine and Neroli Facial Serum, West Indian Lime and Sandalwood Soap, and Wintergreen and Scotch Pine Liniment for aches, pains, and chesty complaints, going in to all my Christmas Gift Baskets this year :D

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