Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Dream Home...

My dream home has cosy corners with soft squishy chairs and crocheted rugs over the arms for snuggling, and books, lots of books...real ones.

My dream home glows with the warmth of worn wood, utensils, china and glassware glinting from open cabinets.

My dream home has photos in frames displayed everywhere, reminding us of fun times, cherished memories and loved ones who have left us because their time here in this life was at an end.

My dream home does not adhere to a colour scheme or a style. It is just a collection of things I love in all the colours of the rainbow.

My dream home has furniture that has seen better days, because the 'better days' are the history of our family.

My dream home does not seek to impress those we don't know, but to embrace those we love.

Shabby, never. Well loved, always.


  1. Looks terrific, but waaaaayyyyyy too much dusting for me. LOL

  2. and too much painting and general maintenance for me! Very pretty though.

  3. He-he...did I mention I'd have a cleaner as well ;0)

    Deb, I'd plant lots of vines and flowering trees and shrubs and just let the external paint weather, but that's me. I adore that weathered, well loved look.

    As for the dusting Edwina, well, the cleaning lady would take care of that!

    I just have to have my beautiful things around me. Drives my husband bananas, but I'd wither and be unhappy without all my pretties.

  4. Lol I'd love a cleaner as well as I'm allergic to housework ( she says, tongue firmly planted in cheek). It is a very pretty house, I'm personally into more modern homes.

  5. Oh, your dream home reminds me of Whitey Durham’s house of One Tree Hill. It’s simple and really classy on the outside. I like it. I like that you want a simple exterior and a really luxurious interior. You’ll definitely surprise people as soon as you’ve finally built this dream home of yours.

    Kevin Noel

  6. Classy! Wood really does make houses look really simple and at the same time, modish. I love that you fill your dream home with lots of picture frames with your happy memories and relevant people in them. It will be fun to look at them every once in a while, especially if you’re alone and just having a peaceful time.

    Calvin Mordarski

  7. From the outside, it looks like a typical country home. But the inside of it is truly amazing! I love the idea about your dream house that has a cozy corner for you. One factor to consider in a good house is that there is a place, where you can be comfortable and cozy. And your dream house surely has the entire thing you wanted most, which makes it the right house for you. I hope someday, all of it would come true.

    Katy Desroches

  8. “My dream home does not seek to impress those we don't know, but to embrace those we love.” - That is a very meaningful statement. I think house hunters should keep this statement in mind when scouting for a place. Although it is good to have a beautiful and extravagant space, it is more important that the place you select would feel like home to you and your loved ones. A house full of beautiful things should also be a place full of love and laughter. :-)
    [Javier Bonnell]

  9. Thankyou all. Yes it is a warm cocoon, this home of my heart :)

  10. Simple yet so grand! Yes, it looks like a country home with a touch of contemporary home design. What I love about the residence is that there’s a personal touch all over it. The owner makes it a home instead of just a house.

    Julio Oyola


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