Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Motherly Advice on voting for inclusion...

Sometimes I just get so tired.

If you've been following my blog, you'll know that I am working hard to set up a social calendar for my disabled son who is 20 years old and gets around in a wheelchair.

We've made some good progress, and his circle of friends is growing all the time.

But out of the blue, we've hit a stumbling block.

He started ten pin bowling, on the understanding that this particular bowling alley had a vacancy in one of their leagues. We had stressed from the very first phone call that Mr A, my son, is a savvy bloke, who should not be judged by his wheelchair, and that he was keen to make some able-bodied friends. We were told that this was fine.

Well, the first visit, half the league was ill with the Winter flus and chills so he bowled alone. The second visit, the league was back but the president wasn't and for some reason, he bowled alone again. He missed the third week as he was ill himself.

This week he was told that the 'committee' had yet to 'vote' on his inclusion in the team which has the vacancy. WTH????

He's been bowling 150+ every week, and should be a welcome addition to any team.

That aside, I wonder if the committee 'votes' on including able-bodied team members?

I am livid. In these situations, I would normally not hesitate to wave the 'anti-discrimination' flag, and use a few well chosen words to make them aware that what they are doing is WRONG!

But that's hardly the way for my son to start a friendship, and that's what we are trying to do after all.

He's coping with this, but I see on his face that it's another rejection.

Jeez I just hate human beings sometimes.

I'm tempted to persuade him to go elsewhere, but I actually think the best solution is for him to just keep getting in their faces.

So that will be our strategy.

He'll keep attending, bowling alone with his support worker or with friends when they can accompany him, he'll keep improving his score, and he'll keep making them feel bad...if they have any feelings that is.

It's so sad.

No Tray of Bliss today....sorry.


  1. That is just disgusting! I am appalled that the bowling club can treat him like that,,,,,they should be happy to have him,,,,geez I wish I could bowl 150 and I am able bodied!!! He would be an asset to their team why can they not see that.
    That just makes me so furious and so sad, I just want to give your son (and you) a hug right now, life is so darn unfair sometimes!!!

  2. Thanks OurGangof7. I just want to weep at the unfairness of it. This bunch need a kick in the pants, but as I say, it's no way to start a friendship, is it.

  3. Brenton told me the other day that Al scores higher than he does bowling ;]

    Pretty sure the unfairness of what has happened will stir Brenton into supporting Al and attending a few bowling sessions with him when he returns from NZ ;]


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