Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Real Dance Mums...what the heck have I got myself in to?

Here is the question many Mothers ask themselves at some point....


Ah, the life of a Dance and Theater Mother is never quiet. For those of you unaware, I have a daughter who is totally immersed in dance, theater, and voice lessons and she has recently discovered the world of .... cue scary music .... AUDITIONS!

I guess it had to happen. Otherwise why spend all these years, and all that hard earned money on lessons?

My darling has been competing in Dance Eisteddfods and is now preparing for Classical Ballet Exams, as well as rehearsing for a singing exam (oh, woe is me!).

She also recently auditioned for parts in a local theater production and successfully gained her first part in a play...the first she assures me, of many.

Who knew all this stuff was out there?

This all makes my head spin a bit. 

Devoted Dad and Dancing Diva are both highly musically talented, whereas I am hopelessly inadequate in this department. So while they have lively debates on all matters theatrical and musical, I must be content to act as chauffeur, cook, sympathetic ear, doctor, nurse, counselor and critic.

Fortunately, as a Mother of 32 years, these traits all come naturally to me. It should be noted thought, that my previous children, all sons, were more interested in Football, Cricket and Baseball, so alas, I remain the novice in the intricacies of The Arts.

However, despite my lack of talent in some departments, I am happy to shine in my own small way. I know that one day, when the Diva is accepting her Academy Award, she will thank me for my support, as they all do.

The rewards in having an artistic child are many though, and as a Mum of three sons, how could I not adore the world of Ballet and Theater, even as a mere onlooker.

We love it. Yes we do.


  1. Hi Mimi, welcome back to the blogging world. You have a way with words,you write so beautifuly.I love reading your blog posts they always touch my heart and feed my soul.Thankyou for sharing parts of your life with us all.
    Sherrie from Simpleliving :)

  2. Very beautiful tray of bliss - welcome back!


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