Monday, December 13, 2010

The Peaceful village of Talmont.....

The sleepy windswept coastal village of Talmont in South Western France, knows how to seduce.

Not for them, the grand buildings and ornate lamps of the big cities.

Just simple white and ecru buildings, accented with the blue of the ocean, and the green of the native flora.

A visit here is a salve for the soul of the weary traveller. Perched on the sea, in South Western France, it's a little off the beaten track, but well worth a visit.

There are markets here on the weekends, but as a weekday visitor, we were privileged to wander the tiny streets, unencumbered by crowds.

We loved the single geranium, the French lavender, the climbing rose, used with restraint to embellish the humble homes here. The residents of Talmont work with their harsh oceanfront conditions and display a commendable minimalism in their external presentation of their pretty cottages.

An odd treat, was a visit to the tiny cemetery that occupies the prime oceanfront view in the village.

Nestled inside rock walls, in front of their sweet chapel, who could resist wandering and absorbing the loving care with which these tiny memorials are maintained. 

 Can you imagine a prettier spot to be laid to rest?

 Each memorial features numerous loving tributes carved from stone, or fashioned from ceramic with messages of commemoration and affection...

This one says ....

"Songbird, if you fly over the falls, sing your sweetest song"...

A truly moving and memorable stop for us. 

Perhaps when my time comes, I too, could be laid to rest in pretty Talmont...


  1. Oh Mim's your sentiments echo mine. I could not have said it better myself lol so I will just say...


  2. Agree 100% Mimi :) I love that pic also

  3. I too am refusing to get caught up in the consumerism of the season this year. Me and hubby decided to handmake all our gifts this year, which is very new to us, but has forced us to do some research and be creative. I think our family and friends will appreciate that we spent time getting our hands dirty and bringing back the simpler times to pour into their gifts. Plastic tree has also given way to a simply decorated eucalypt branch. :-)


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