Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cafe` Life....

On my Tray of Bliss today is la Cafe` Glace`.

That's an iced coffee to the rest of us.

I'm going to close my eyes, ignore the Christmas Chaos outside my own four walls, and pretend I'm in the cafe' in this photo.

I don't recall exactly where it was, but it was close to the Eiffel Tower, and was the only one willing to serve us before lunch *roll of eyes at Parisian time*.

We enjoyed a Cafe` au Lait, the little Diva explored the Ladies Lav, as she is wont to do wherever we go (this one had a leadlight lampshade, red walls and newspaper articles pasted in lieu of wallpaper), and continued on our way. This was one of the quieter cafe`s we enjoyed. Most Parisian cafe`s, designed as they are for being 'seen', face busy streets, exuding fumes from motorised and human passers by. So, this little one was a bit of a find.

Close by were a spectacular florist...oh my...what the French can do with a few blooms...*sigh*, a convenience store, and a bit of sad one at that, a jeweller, an artist supplies store, a Thai restaurant (no, seriously..and a good one!), and of course, the Eiffel Tower!

The wonderful thing about Paris, is that you feel you've been there before. I had been living and breathing Parisian life since about the age of 9, when I first saw Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire in that movie, Funny Face. I loved her dresses, the dancing, the sights of Pareeeee....all too much for an impressionable Aussie girl. 

So, by the time I actually saw Paris, I felt I knew her intimately. My baptismal stroll down (up?) the Champs Elysees at night, was like something I'd done many times before. The Eiffel Tower, glowing and shimmering like the biggest Christmas Tree in the world, was shining just for me. The waiters nodded and bobbed at my abyssmal torture of their seductive language, and made me feel at home.

Now, if I'm having a bad day, I sit still, close my eyes, and I am whisked back to this cafe`. Florist next door, Boulangerie across the way, and the Eiffel Tower right THERE.

What's on your Tray of Bliss today?


  1. WOW!! It looks so CLEAN! Was all of Paris like this?
    ps. I love the little fish in the black box at the bottom of your blog. If I click the mouse within the box, it leaves little white dots and the fish swim to the dots... uumm .. and I'm not sure why that matters.
    pps. and I also love the Slideshows :)

  2. (*whispering* they also follow my little mouse arrow)

  3. Lol jo...yes, I kept meaning to add to my post for the day, to make sure to 'feed' my fish...they are sweet aren't they? I love the slideshows too. Merry Christmas...x

  4. ...and yes, MOST of Paris, seemed very clean. Parisians are justifiably proud of their beautiful city.


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