Saturday, January 27, 2018

Authentically You....every day different...

So you have a role model.
Mine is Dita Von Teese as seen above here.
Yours might be Adele, or Dita, or it's Kim or Rhianna or whoever. Awesome. Good stuff. It's good to have someone to emulate.
But within that, find a way to be you. That's what this journey is about. Finding a way to condense what it is about the person you've chosen as role model, and making that work for you.

Dita Von Teese is my chosen role model for a number of reasons. I admire her glamourous outlook, her attention to detail, and her determination to be herself, no matter what anyone thinks. It's nothing to do with her profession as Burlesque actor. It's about Dita just finding her inner mojo, and sticking with it. I want that.
But that doesn't mean I can't me Mod me, above, or French Riviera me, below.

 I used to think that if I had a 'look', I had to stick with that unreservedly, not even wearing my hair differently. I've changed my mind on that. I've discovered a new joy in experimentation, not perfection.
In a single week, as seen in these photos, I can be 60's Mod, 40's glam, Monochromatic with dramatic red, and 70s mint with pearls. I never dreamed that getting dressed in the morning could be such an adventure!
I've practised using heated rollers, hair ribbons, curling wands, gel, mousse, sprays.
I've found that I like mineral makeup, eyeliner, mascara, and nude or red lipstick.
I know the difference between blonde and brown eyebrow pencil, and that I can't use liquid eyeliner to save myself.
Experimenting has shown me that I can engineer a French braid (given sufficient time!), a Chignon, and a bun with a donut...nothing to do with sugary sweets and cakes!
I even know what a 'rat' is and how I'll use it when I find one in my silvery hair tone.
Look! Here's some donuts AND some rats. Gruesome looking, but very useful things, hair-wise.
I've worn new colours, new styles, shown off my previously hidden arms and legs, worn my hair pulled back severely instead of wispily framing my face, and decided I like it all.
Basically I stopped worrying about what others would think, and started having fun....always with an eye to dressing for my shape.
Life is so very short, friends.
Stop putting yourself second, third or fourteenth down the list. Who wants to get to their dying breath, and be saying .... 'I wish'.
I want to get there and be able to say 'I'm glad'.
That's where I am.
Can I encourage you to come along with me?


  1. Dearest Mimi,
    you're such a bright light, God bless!

    Wishing you a most lovely end of your week,
    with sincere gratitude for such a beautiful, meaningful and inspiring post,
    lovely lady

    XOXO Dany

    1. Thankyou Daniela. You're always lovely. Mimi xxx

  2. You look beautiful in the mint green blouse. I need more color in my life!

    1. Thankyou Little Penpen. Yes I used to love that mint colour. I'd kind of forgotten it till now. Go'll love it! Mimi xxx

  3. Hello, Mimi!

    Did you know you can make your own rat? It's super easy! All you do is take a donut, cut it in half, and then stitch up each end so that it doesn't unravel.

    Take care!


    1. Thankyou for that tip Jenn :-) now to try and use a donut hehe, Cheers Maria x

    2. Hi Jenn. And thankyou! Who knew, right? A great

  4. Mimi, you look glad you are having so much fun with is fun looking nice......recently out of desperation of trying to find something warm to wear to Church in our cold weather. I wore a coat that was part of a coat dress.....
    but instead put black slacks and a black top with the apple green coat over it, and it was very slenderizing and striking and I loved how it looked, and I got to wear a pin that had just arrived the day before that belonged to my late Mother and even tho I liked it had no idea what I would do with it, and it looked great on the coat.....and the coat dress used to belong to my mother-in-law, so it was like an honor Mom day and it was fun and I felt great, and I got a few compliments as well. I really need to get in my closet and look around more. Keep having fun my shows on your face how much fun you are haivng and is such
    a great encouragement to us all.
    Love and Blessing dear lady,

    1. Hello Dearest Nellie. It's always a joy to see a comment from you! Yes, it is fun looking nice. So much more fun than not looking nice and blaming everyone but self. Practicality won over style for many long years here, but the moth is emerging from the cocoon now! Apple green over basic black sounds completely perfect to me, and I love what you said about honouring Mothers and Mothers-in-law. So special... with Love, Mimi xxx

  5. I actually started exploring pear shaped celebrities last weekend and determined why some things work for me and why some things don't. I have a pixie cut but want to experiment with it. Yes, I love having short hair but now and then a girl wants a new look, you know? I want more versatility. I'm also learning how to make the clothing mistakes work FOR me instead of against me and why some of my safe choices are blah while some of my making do with mistakes can become favorite looks overall. Like the oversized white blouse I'd bought that looked frumpy on me but paired with skinny black jeans and a row of shimmering purple iridescent necklaces and a pretty lipstick, I suddenly find I'm the authentic me in a look that isn't at all frumpy but actually comes off looking a little classic, a little edgy and a whole lot polished. Who knew?!

    1. Terri! My dear, you are singing my song! Yes! Versatility! We spend so much of our lives living up (or down!) to the expectations placed upon us. And yet where is it written that we have to dress School Mum, or Volunteer, or Office Worker, or whatever, day in day out. Where are the days when we dress what we LOVE, no matter the occasion..or lack thereof. I love that you mentioned about clothing mishaps and experimenting, too. Some of my most favourite outfits are the ones where I threw away the 'rule' book, and found my own mojo. It sounds like you're finding that as well. Love it. Mimi xxx

  6. I love your tip "Find a way to be you". Your posts have been very inspiring. I find myself trying a little harder. It really doesn't take that much more time and makes feel a whole lot better! ;-) Thank you! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    1. Marci, you always have a way of finding the nutshell in my ramblings. Indeed, find a way to be the you, that you LOVE is my key focus this year. Give yourself the gift of looking and feeling good every day. You won't regret it. Love, Mimi xxx

  7. Dear Mimi , I love watching your metamorphis into a beautiful butterfly ,it does show on your face , as others have said.
    Thanks for reminding me about hair donuts , I hadn't heard the name 'rats' for the other shape , but I remember my mum wearing a brown one (don't laugh ) that matched her hair. And my cheeky European father playing jokes with it at the dinner table, I'll left the rest to your imagination haha.
    Anyway you have inspired me to be more out there like I use to , instead of shrinking somewhat feeling like IM too bright.
    With love Maria xxx

    1. Dear Maria, I truly feel like the old me. The me from decades ago, that loved clothes and makeup and hairstyles, and had the time to execute them well. That me was drowning id domesticity for a time, but she's back with a vengeance now. I laughed at the image of your Dad acting up with your Mums 'rat'...the mind boggles! You, my dear friend, are NEVER too bright. Love Mimi xxx

  8. Thank you for linking up on Fancy Friday linkup party! Have a great Sunday!

  9. Mimi, yes, I am all for finding a way to be you! Good for you for embracing trying new colors, trends, and hairstyles. You look so happy in your photos. :) Thanks for linking up with Fabulous Friday, Mimi!

    Jennie - A Pocketful of Polka Dots


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