Monday, November 6, 2017

A New You... Wear all the pretty dresses....

Here above is the first pretty frock I've bought in over 20 years. I would not have looked twice at this frock a year ago. It's only by educating myself on my body shape and proportions, that I realise I truly can wear pretty frocks, and not just tunics and leggings!

Ahhh....but not only should you know your body shape and how best to dress for that shape, you also need to have some knowledge on how best to accessorise so that you can look as long and lean as possible, minimising any faults. A trim shaped jacket, a nude shoe with a low vamp, and a bit of confidence go a long way.
Flush with success on my lemony print frock above, I went looking for more pretty dresses with which to zhoosh up my neighbourhood.
I found this one below, at Navabi. Navabi, along with The French Chic Academy, have changed the way I dress forever. If like me, you're on the cuddly side of the fence as far as size goes, you could do worse than check out their range. Absolutely beautiful. No they're not paying me to say that.
You can see this shift dress here. The brand is Samya, and I'm quickly learning that this designer works well for my Apple shape.
When this one arrived, I was not enamoured with it's round neckline and thought I might have a major alteration task on my hands. But instead, I found that when I stitched the odd little neckline pleats flat, turning them into pintucks (a job a child could perform), that it made the neckline slightly wider and more scooped, thus negating any tweaking.
 Thinking 'long and lean' for my Apple shape as I do these days, I added this double neck chain, echoing the rounded neckline, and the colourways of the print. One chain is silver, one is dark pewter. I think this works to lengthen my torso.
I styled it here with my denim jacket, which you can read about here. I love this jacket for it's flattering shape and colour, and it's relatively minimal embellishments. I like how it follows the neckline of this dress almost perfectly, and picks up the darker colours in the print.
I then tried styling this shift (and no way did I think I'd be wearing shifts this time last year!), with my new orange jacket, and what a difference it makes! Again, when wearing a print, keep everything else simple. So no lapels, pockets or other detail on the jacket, and a good long and slender look is achieved with the column of colour centre front.
Well now I was getting confident. In one fell swoop, I ordered this Wiggle dress from Pretty Kitty in the UK for an upcoming event (I'll be sharing styling shots for this one in the next day or two). I love how the wider shoulder, scooped neckline and narrowing towards the hemline, slim the torso, and the draping across the tummy helps disguise a chunky mid section. Shoes with a low vamp and peeptoes also lengthen the leg. A great flattering look for we Apple shaped girls. I do think this one needs some serious shapewear, so I'll be looking at that too.
 In a great flurry of dress buying, I purchased this one (also a Samya and also from Navabi)...
See it here.
This one... 
 ...this pretty little thing by Lovedrobe with it's diagonal looking print...another great trick for Apples...
This one by Studio 8, absolutely at the top end of my budget, but which I'll wear for several special occasions in the next twelve months. This must be a colour for just about anyone...
 This one by Velvet Pop, which has the most adorable print, flattering V neckline, and knife pleats all the way around the skirt...
 This Mad Men inspired design by Want That Trend, which I love for it's keyhole neckline and flirty skirt...
 ...and this one by Apart, which just has Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn or even Sophia Loren written all over it's polka dot loveliness...
Now Navabi were having a fantastic sale with additional discounts for existing customers, so I did go a bit beserk, but thanks to knowing my shape, and learning that styling a dress correctly can make all the difference, I feel utterly confident in my $400 splurge (for the last five dresses!!), and it's ability to transform my up-till-now dull wardrobe.
I can't choose a favourite. I think I already love them all.
And this from a lady who up until 3 months ago, hadn't worn a dress in over 25 years. I kid you not.
Honestly. Know thyself. Know your body shape. Know what colours flatter you. Get to know how to style your outfits rather than just tossing them on in the morning. It really does give you an edge, and a great feeling of walking out the door, looking your absolute best.
I can't wait to style these and share some pics with you. Which one is your favourite?


  1. My fave is your orange shift Mimi closely followed by the gorgeous, floaty white/black polka dot beauty. I think it's wonderful that you are rediscovering yourself for this new, exciting stage of your life and taking us along with you. Since I have been following, in particular your fashion posts, I have made more effort with my own outfits and am trying new shoes, necklaces and trying to become more careful with my clothing choices. Thankyou Mimi for all your information and inspiration. You are my FAVOURITE blogger. Please don't stop! 💕💕💕

    1. Dear Lorraine, yes that orange shift seems to have everyones vote! And honestly it's not one I would have ordinarily chosen. It is very flattering on, for sure. I'm so glad to hear I've helped you make lovelier choices. I'm pleased. Go you. Mimi xxx

  2. Thank you Mimi for sharing all your experiences with finding the perfect dresses and outfits. It is very helpful as I am someone who hasn't worn a dress in many years also. I really appreciate all the work you put into your posts. Thank you, Anne

    1. That is my pleasure Anne. It's not an easy road when you're not a tiny young thing, is it! Mimi xxx

  3. Dear Mrs. Mimi! What lovely dresses you have purchased. My favorite is the one by Lovedrobe. I truly love the fabric. I wear nothing but dresses but I'm still not confident in dressing my particular body shape. But I'm learning! :) You are so inspiring.


    1. Dear Melinda, when that Lovedrobe one arrived, it was! That happens. It was returned with regret...well not much regret. You should be proud no matter your shape. We all learn and improve. Mimi xxx

  4. Very pretty dress and love it with the orange jacket, so pretty and look
    very all the cute news dresses you have found.
    I can tell you are having a great time with this. Good for you hon.
    Am enjoying all these post and learning as well. In the last few years
    I have paid much more attention to accessories and scarfs as I have found it hard to find things that I like or look good, so I am using accessories to make some of my outfits look quite different. Works well......
    Love and Blessings Mimi

    Keep having fun............

    1. Dear Nellie...yes fun it is! I love accessories for changing up a look, but it's only recently that I've tried harder to employ that strategy. Having more time for self is a good thing :) Mimi xxx

  5. These are all so pretty, and you look lovely in your shift. I love wearing dresses :) x

    1. Thankyou Karen. Yes that orange shift seems the favourite! Mimi xxx

  6. Mimi, how can I choose just ONE as my favorite?! They're all just lovely! But wow, the Samya one that you styled with your orange jacket is fabulous! Can't wait to see how you style the others! Love, Teresa

    1. Dear Teresa, yes that Samya shift is the bomb. More on that one and others, soon. Mimi xxx

  7. Wow you've made some nice purchases there. The jackets really change the dress from formal to smart casual. Isn't having just a bit of sewing ability a real plus? I know you are a very good sewer but you don't have to actually make things to be able to mend and alter things to suit you better, like the neckline of the orange dress. I bet a lot of people wouldn't even think of doing that. Looking good! Janiebabe

    1. Dear Janie, yes that orange jacket was a great purchase at the sales, and not expensive. I see it being a wonderful wardrobe staple for a long time to come. And yes, creative I am. Always looking for a solution. Mimi xxx

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  9. Hmm is anyone else experiencing problems with the pictures on this blog loading?
    I'm trying to find out if its a problem on my end or
    if it's the blog. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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