Monday, November 7, 2016

Orchids on Your Budget Christmas Series #9....Almond Butter Fudge...

I 'm always on the hunt for an easy Guy Gift, and with several male birthdays coming up, not to mention Christmas gifting on the horizon, I've been experimenting with new fudge recipes.
Last week I made Cake Batter Fudge with Sprinkles, which got the thumbs up from everyone who tried it.
Alas, I had no more cake mix to generate another batch of that one, and I had a 26 year old nephew celebrating a birthday on the weekend, so I had to look at what I had on hand to magic up a new fudge recipe.
The result was this yumbo Almond Butter Fudge, which used up the remnants of a few bits and pieces in my pantry, and did a sterling job of impressing my nephew as well!
....Here's the recipe, Nanna style, in four sentences....
Quick and Easy Almond Butter Fudge

Combine 250gms milk chocolate buds, melted, with 1 cup Kraft Almond Spread or real Almond Butter if you prefer, 1 cup icing sugar, 2 tablespoons coconut oil (or 60gms Copha), and 2 tablespoons dark choc chips or cacao nibs (optional).
Mix until smooth, returning it to the microwave for 20 seconds if necessary, to facilitate mixing.
Transfer to a lined 20x20cm square cake tin and top with 50gms roughly chopped natural almonds.
Chill well, then lift from the tin by the lining, before cutting into squares. Done 😀

I like this one because it's a 'blokey' looking fudge. All rustic and chunky!
I bet the fellas (and the ladies) in your family will love it too.
I feature a post from the linkup each time I post, and todays featured blogger is...
Look at this stunning bejewelled picture frame! I've been admiring these on Pinterest for a few years now, and Carol has done a beautiful job with her version!
Today I Choose Joy Close-up
Do visit Carol and leave her a sweet comment, won't you. Such gorgeous work deserves recognition!
Thanks for sharing Carol, and thankyou to everyone who continues to post and link.


  1. It looks delicious and I am sure any guy would love it!

    1. Yep, it disappeared in record time Lynn! Mimi xxx

  2. This looks scrumptious! I'm afraid though, that being in the states, I don't know what chocolate buds are. Could you please shed some light? Thank you! :)

    1. Hi Jenn. Apologies for the delay in answering your question. They're just melting buds for cooking. So cooking chocolate, chocolate Melts, choc chips (they're smaller but the same sort of thing). I hope that helps. Mimi xxx

  3. Thanks for featuring my vintage jewelry frame. Hope your week is wonderful!

  4. Your almond butter fudge looks delicious!

  5. Hi Mimi! Fudge is always good in my book! Love that you are being so creative! Thanks for sharing at DI & DI.

  6. I love fudge, and your almond version with nuts looks scrumptious.



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