Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Real Dance Moms #6 ...Bangarra Dance Theatre...Ochres

The Diva and I had the enormous privilege a couple of Fridays ago, of attending the latest production from Australias premier Indigenous contemporary dance company, Bangarra Dance Theatre. We attended with her school group, and this was the third Bangarra Dance Theatre production we've seen.
It was titled "Lore" and it was sublime. The best of the three we thought.
Bangarra Dance Theatre are like nothing else we've ever seen.
It's not just 'contemporary' dance. It's more than that.
Bangarra Dance Theatre re-enact stories from Aboriginal Dreamtime, and pantomime scenes from daily life, both physical and spiritual of our Indigenous peoples.
Every production we've seen has been hauntingly beautiful and soul stirring in ways I cannot describe to you unless you've seen it for yourself.
The costumes are a story in themselves, and the sets are the work of genius.
I couldn't find "Lore" on Youtube, but I did find this one "Ochres". Please enjoy.
And if you can....see Bangarra Dance Theatre for yourself. You won't regret it.


  1. I need to purchase tickets to see dancers perform again sometime soon, I haven't in a long time. Sounds like you had a lovely evening watching them perform!


  2. What talented dancers Mimi! We have a cultural center near our house and this summer the town held a number of activities with wine tasting... you can imagine the fun we had. It's great to tear ourselves away from the computer once in a while... xx Mary


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