Wednesday, August 6, 2014

What's in the box....Finding 50 & Fab....

A gift arrived for me today in this pretty box.
I was puzzled as I knew that Lanvin wasn't on my shopping list this week.
Inside, sublime ballet pink leather peeks.
The man in my life, who has no respect for shoes whatsoever, found out I loved these, and bought the right size even!
I'm not even going to question why. He did forget our anniversary, but it was not a significant one. I think one should not question a random act of kindness. Especially when it's luxury shoes.
Now to find a cobbler to line the soles for me, to preserve these for as long as possible.
Happy me.
I remember a lady who worked in an antique store where I bought many lovely pieces in my younger days, often exhorting me to 'just eat sausages for a month' when I hankered after a new pretty.
I wonder if we're 'eating sausages for a month'!
I think it's worth trimming expenses in other areas for to have a few truly luxurious items. I know it's not the done thing in some peoples minds, and that there are those who will argue that you could have xyz number of pairs of shoes for the same price as a single luxury pair of shoes, or bag or other desirable thing. But I'm getting older now. My taste doesn't change from season to season. I know what I like, the colour I like it in, where I'll wear it and how often, and how to make the most of it. Life is short. Why shouldn't the word 'luxury' be part of my shopping vocabulary?
I must confess to a love of beautiful things and I'd choose shoes as my chief passion these days. But they must comfortable as well as stylish. I think these will fit the bill.
I quite feel like Cinderella.


  1. O my giddy heart!!!!! They are gorgeous. You know, the antiques dealer is right. :D
    Please post a bit more of them. Beautiful against black stovepipe trousers, and greys. Xx

  2. Beautiful! Please show another photo!


  3. Such a lovely surprise. I know they will be treasured forever.


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