Friday, February 4, 2011

Christmas...only 330 days to go!

Christmas is on my Tray of Bliss today, and it's only about 320 days away!

Now it might seem crazy thinking about NEXT Christmas when you're still suffering the fiscal hangover of the last one. But, actually that's the best time to start planning...while the sting of overspending is still fresh in your mind. Many of the best home made gifts take time to grow, sew, or mature.

In fact, my goal this year is to generate enough home made goodies to not have to buy a single gift this year.

My list for gifts for 2011 will include Home Made Limoncello, Custom Scented Bubble Baths in recycled and found containers, Chocolate Syrup, Vanilla Syrup, Jams and Relishes,  Bulk Pancake Mix with Home Made Fruit Topping, Fruit Teas, Potted Herbs, and Herb and Spice Infused Salts.

I've already acquired an impressive collection of bottles and containers to house my lovely gifts and I'm off and running.

So far, I have 10 litres of Limoncello ageing. This will be decanted into little 375ml bottles, so will yield 26-30 gifts. I'll improvise with a bit of extra sugar syrup or vodka to top up to get the 30, I think.

I've made several jams, and my Famous Tomato Relish, as well as several bottles of Chocolate Syrup for Easter Gifts. Packed with some Raw Chocolate Truffles and a beautiful glass, it'll put a smile on a few faces.

Now, some of my faithful readers will have access to these recipes already, but for everyone else, stay tuned and I will post one recipe and a photo every few days.

Happy Gift Planning!


  1. You're so well organised Mimi! I breathed a sigh of relief when Christmas was over...I don't want to think about it yet :-) If that's your tree, it looks lovely. xxx

  2. I'm going to be making a batch of your Limoncello soon Mimi, for Xmas :)


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