Tuesday, September 22, 2015

This weeks insourcing #18...Spring, Possums and Blossoms...

It's Spring here in the Southern Hemisphere, and while all our Northern Hemisphere friends are decorating with Pumpkins and admiring the golden, auburn, and rust foliage, we here are basking in the glow of Spring sunshine, gardens full of colour and clear blue skies.
I always admire the enthusiasm with which my Northern Hemisphere blog friends embrace the change of the seasons. It's actually never occurred to me to do so until the last year or two.
Last year I made a pretty in pink feather wreath to welcome Spring.
I loved it. It was pink, it was girly, it had roses...what's not to like?
This year, I wanted to stay true to what Spring is really like in our back yard. There are, sadly, no Roses to speak of, the pink oleander has yet to bloom, and whilst we have abundant birdlife, none of that is pink in any way, shape or form.
For us, Spring means lots and lots of rain, and lots of new wildlife, from lizards, to birds, to possums, and perhaps not so much in the way of pink feathers and roses...lol!
Which brings me to Poe the Possum.
We've had a Poe the Possum residing in our roof ever since we moved here 13 years ago. Not the same Poe the Possum. And sometimes more than one. We and the Poe(s) tolerate one another. Mostly it's a peaceful relationship.
But then there are those years,  when the Mama kicks the baby out of the nest....a regular occurrence come Summer, and one of them comes off worse for wear. This usually means the injured one crawls off into a corner to kiss this earthly life goodbye. Don't be sad. That's Mother Nature for you...survival of the fittest and all that. We don't know about this despite the screaming, howling, wailing and tumbling in the roof cavity, until about October when the weather warms up.
Cue scary music and evil smells....
How many times have I gone searching for a rotting potato in the kitchen, only to realise it's poor old Poe (we always call them Poe), leaving a last loving reminder of his or her time with us, whilst adding a certain something to the ambience of our home. Poor Musician Husband. He's the one that has to mask up, crawl into the furthest reaches of the roof, and peel Poe from the rafters. Sorry for the graphic image.
Poor Poe.
Fortunately, there is always another Poe. This year we have two Poes, dancing across our rooftops in the wee small hours, claiming their part of our home as their own. Oh Joy!
So I've decided to celebrate Poe. Poe is as Spring to us as Pumpkins and rust foliage are Fall to my American friends. And our Spring downpours...they're scarcely 'showers' in this part of the world...mean that we never leave the house without an umbrella.
So Possums and Brollies it is.
Here is Poe peeking expectantly from my frilled umbrella. He's waiting there with his best cravat on, to greet Sweet Granddaughter when she comes for a sleepover this afternoon. She'll be VERY excited to meet Poe.
And before you ask, yes Possums are this big. Bigger. Ask my whippet. They are not cute lil critters.
I must say that personally, I think the Poe I bought for Sweet Granddaughter looks rather more like a wombat actually, but who am I to argue.
And here is Poe yesterday, nestled with my pink geraniums at repose.

I think Poe will keep us entertained for some weeks.
Here's a real brushtail possum of the kind that shares our home with us....
...so I guess our Poe looks similar enough.
While Poe decides his next move, I planted these Blue Eyed Yellow something-or-others....I lost the tag...sorry, so I don't know their name. But they're very pretty anyway...this photo is completely un-retouched...they really are that eye-popping vivid colour.
On the insourcing front, I made an enormous batch of Coriander Chilli Chicken Fried Rice. That fed us nearly all weekend what with The Diva off at Dance Concert rehearsals, me visiting a cousin from overseas, and the Musician Husband doing the garden and whatnot. Big savings there. Around $120 at least I think, given the alternatives of easy but expensive fast food.

I bought a $10 bunch of neon orange Gladioli (who doesn't like Gladi's...tall, elegant, and they last WEEKS!), swathed them in burgundy paper and tied them with an orange organza ribbon and a home made card, to gift to my sister who just got engaged for the second time in her life (after an unhappy ending to her previous marriage 12 years ago), at the age of 50. Go Sis! She loved 'em.

Things are astir in the garden including geraniums....

...and Clivea.
Not much else on the insourcing front this week, but that's okay. I still saved lots on potential takeaway purchases, and a bit more on a traditional engagement gift (which Sis doesn't want or need anyway).
Previous weeks have stood us in good stead, and insourcing regularly, building up your home stores, socking away a few simple meals in the freezer for those days when everything goes wrong, and making sure you have other small joys in your life, still saves big dollars.
That's was certainly the case here last week.
What did you insource last week, and what was your value in the home?
And how do you celebrate Spring?
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  1. Mimi we have possums too but not in our roof - they scamper across our roof or should I say thump across it wearing their hobnail boots. We love seeing them scampering around at night, sometimes down on the ground. We have both the brush tailed and ring tailed ones living in our neighbourhood. They pass through on the way to finding a feast in someone's yard.

    I love your ode to our spring - our daughter's nick name from birth has been possum, we actually have a soft toy ringtail possum that was in her crib just after she was born - could always find her in the nursery.


    Sunday afternoon our next door neighbour gifted us a couple of kilos of strawberries which I turned into jam yesterday.

    1. Thankyou Lynette. How sweet that your daughters nickname is Possum. How gorgeous. And the strawberries! Lucky you. Mimi xxx

  2. Oh Mimi, your spring wreath took my breath away! I just love the sweet pink :) It's very feminine and elegant....perfect for your spring weather.

    And your possum is just too cute {{smiles}} Thanks for sharing your loveliness with Rose of Inspiration. Hugs to you!

    1. Thankyou Stephanie. The pink IS pretty isn't it? And little Poe...he's sweet...x

  3. Hi Mimi. We too have possums in our roof. Apparently it is a terribly bad idea. I've had them for my whole life (in various roofs) and have never had an issue with them. I figure they have a right to my roof as it was once not here and undoubtedly trees were. So, the possums are really being very tolerant of MY presence.

    1. I'm with you Lorax. They were here before we were. So we share. It probably spells doom for our roof somewhere down the track, but we'll deal with that when the time comes. We mostly enjoy their company. I'm glad to see you. Mimi xxx

  4. I loved your wreath! I also love the idea of your possum hiding and showing up in differrent spots...how fun! :)

    1. Thanks Debbie. My granddaughter is certainly enjoying Poe's antics. Mimi xxx

  5. Mimi, our possums live in the shed and party on our tin roof around 2am most mornings! They also poo on our cars in the shed which is most annoying. I am also intrigued by the bloggers in the Northern Hemisphere who put out wreaths and change their decorations around at the change of the season. I think it might have something to do with the long cold winters and they really love to celebrate the warm of spring.

    1. Hi Nanna Chel. Yes, it's the 2am partying that bothers us most. But it's not all the time. A bit like any questionable neighbour really...lol! A good point on our U.S. friends. I'm sure that's the case. Mimi xxx

  6. I do think your granddaughter is going to love the surprise she has waiting for her, he is very cute :) Such pretty flowers you have planted, the mums are popping out around here in our part of the world :)

    1. Thanks Connie. Yes these probably are a local variety of your mums. They're pretty aren't they! Mimi xxx

  7. Lovely wreath and the cute little Poe is adorable. how fun to sit and watch the little stinker. Your rice dish look wonderful. I love stretching a dish. Enjoy your pretty flowers.

    1. Thanks Linda. I feel Poe will be here for a while yet. My granddaughter is quite enamoured...lol! Mimi xxx

  8. Of course I have to say that I LOVE your pretty in pink wreath! Clever idea, Mimi.

    That was quite the story about your dear Poe the possum. They look to be mean?
    Critters... we have many ourselves. One year we had a Pinemartin get into our shed and make one BIG MESS!! Oh he was a cute little guy, but oh what a disaster.

    Your rice dish looks delicious! I would eat rice quite often, but my husband is not real fond of it.

    It was nice having you come for a visit, and thank you for your sweet comment.


    1. Hello Debbie and thanks for stopping by! I have to Google what a Pinemartin is...I've never heard of them. And yes, most critters make a mess of some sort! Do you know my husband never was fond of rice either, but I converted him ;-) I'm glad to see you today. Love, Mimi xxx

    2. Hi again Debbie. Oh my gosh. Yes that Pine Marten is a cute patootie isn't he? Much like our possums, but perhaps smaller? How could you be cross? Lol...xxx

    3. They are adorable! It looks like they have eye make-up on their eyes are gorgeous.
      It's hard to be cross with them only because they are quite fast and there's no catching them in the act. :) LOL

  9. What a cute idea for a wreath! Spring looks lovely down under!

    1. Thankyou! You can't go wrong with pink ;-) Mimi xxx

  10. Oh Mimi, your Poe peeking out of the umbrella is just gorgeous! I'm sure your granddaughter will squeal with delight when she sees him!
    And congratulations to your sister on her engagement. Wishing her and her fiance and long and happy life together xxx Fiona

    1. Thanks Fiona. He's sort of cute/scary, but she loved him at first sight! My sister is very happy, and I'll pass on your good wishes. Mimi xxx

  11. Hi Mimi, so glad you came by to visit! I had to laugh at Poe, he looks sort of like a cross of a raccoon and an opposum here, both can do so much damage to an attic. Have you had problems with them eating wiring and other issues. He;s sure cute though!

    1. I know Debra! He's not as cute as I expected when I ordered him, but funnily enough my granddaughter fell in love with him immediately...so...whatever, right? Yes, I think ultimately the possums will have done damage, but we'll just repair and move on. It's lovely and leafy where we live so it's the price you pay, I guess. Thanks for stopping by! Love, Mimi xxx

  12. HI Mimi,
    Thanks for stopping by for a visit, I am always tickled pink to hear from you. Seems so strange
    that we are always having opposite seasons, huh! So happy Spring to you.
    Your wreath was pretty.
    That is something about having to put up with those possums, ours look quite different, they have a sharp pointed nose, and beady eyes.and a rat looking tail and are slow as molasses..........
    We have to put up with racoons at times, who like kitties food, so they will come on our
    porch usually during the night while we are sleeping, so we bring her food in at night now, but lately we have been having to bring it in at dark, cause the other night one came while we were in the computer room, before 9:30, and we have actually seen one staring in the back door at us from our porch once. they make a mess, as they like to wash their food in water, so they
    put their grimmy lil hands in the water bowl and then walk all over the table. It's a nuisances,
    but that is what happens when you have woods around you...........lol

    Also neat that you have Ixora in the UK as well. I have seen the gold ones too, they are
    really pretty and the blossoms look the same other than the color. Yea I could not believe
    they came back after close to 20 years, sweet surprises.

    Well, I am excitedly looking for the mail every day now, thanks, that was sweet!
    Will let you know when it arrives.............

    You have a good rest of the week.
    Blessings, Nellie

    1. Hi Nellie, my sweet! Funny you should mention about the cat food. We have to do the same with our doggies food. Otherwise you hear him dive out of bed in the middle of the night to chase the possums off! You're right though...it's the price you pay for living near bushland or forest. So many other benefits, right? I hope your surprise arrives quickly and that you like it. Love, Mimi xxx

  13. We have possums too! To the extent that Andy just set up for me sensor lights over my herb garden!
    How lovely for your sister. I hope she has struck gold this time around! It happens!
    Some weeks are bigger than others with insourcing. I think it averages out. (To something huge)
    I have been planning and thinking about Christmas gifts plus cooking.... these things will be my insourcing for the next weeks, or part of it at least. Hope you are having a good week Mimi.xxx

    1. Dear Annabel, how clever to think of sensor lights! Do they bother you at night though? Great idea! My sister is very happy and her fella is a real softie and a good soul. I think they're a perfect match, so it just goes to show, that love can come later in life. You're right about the insourcing. I think the big weeks prepare you well for the weeks when you can't do so much, and really that's the whole idea. You always amaze me with your Christmas preparations, and I know I can count on you to teach me a thing or two...lol! Love, Mimi xxx

  14. Hi Mimi,

    We don't have a poe but we do have a family of deer that has made our property their home. I feed them, most people think I'm crazy but I don't have a garden and I figure I am helping my neighbors. The goodies I give them might keep them out of the neighbors yards cause they have full bellies- LOL

    Love the wreath.


    1. Oh my goodness Linda. Deer! My daughter would go nuts! Of course she imagines them all as Bambi...lol! You're a good soul to feed them. I think your strategy is a good one though. I'm glad you stopped in. Love, Mimi xxx

  15. Mimi, I love the blossoms but definitely not the possum. Our possums look very different in my parts. Mind you, they are ugly critters too. I would have a conniption fit if one was on my roof. I had a raccoon try and open my french door. He had to go. The only thing I did was put on the light. Now, I think I have an armadillo digging up my yard. I must say your faux poe looks rather cute.

  16. I think Po has a relative in these parts!

    Sometimes our weeks aren't as productive as others but our incredibly productive times in the past always make up for it in the end... So no harm done when insourcing is a full time job! :) That is the beauty of it.


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