Thursday, September 3, 2015

Heavenly Pillow Sprays...

We use a Pillow Spray each and every night here.
Sometimes it's for calming, others it's for refreshing the mind after a busy day.
It costs next to nothing to make these, and they're the most wonderful impromptu gift.

I buy my spray bottles from Aussie Soap Supplies here, or here, but many suppliers have them these days. I've previously only been able to source them in the clear colour pictured in my photographs, but if you click on the links, you'll notice they come in that wonderful apothecary blue now.
Now lots of tutorials will tell you to use vodka, or other stabilisers in home made sprays. I have to say I've rarely done this for my own use, or for gifting, as the amounts in which I produce and use them, really don't require long shelf life.
I simply use boiled, cooled water with a little Witch Hazel added to help disperse the oils, adding whatever combination of scent I like. I keep the fragrance light so that it's not overpowering.
Some combinations we love are....
To 100mls boiled and cooled water mixed with 1 1/2 tablespoons of Witch Hazel...
4 drops each Green Apple fragrance oil and Lemon essential oil.
4 drops Jasmine essential oil (expensive but lasts ages).
6 drops Memories fragrance oil from Heirloom Body Care which is no longer available, but is a light Christmassy scent, that can't help but make you smile and dream sweetly. There are many similar scented oils on the market.
4 drops each of Wintergreen and Scotch Pine for when the Winter ills and chills hit.
6-10 drops Rose fragrance oil...just because I love it so much.
4 drops each Lavender and Peppermint, which is calming and refreshing together. I find this wonderful when I have a migraine.
4 drops each Sandalwood and Neroli, which is just lush and heavenly.

If you happen to stumble upon vintage perfume atomisers in thrift stores, this decants beautifully into those, and makes a really special gift for the vintage and Victoriana lover.
Of course, these make fabulous Linen Spray and room deodorisers too.
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  1. That sounds lovely, Mimi. My husband gags when he smells my perfume or any strong smells so I wonder if this would set him off at night. I love the combinations you have listed.

    1. Oh dear Nanna Chel! Best keep it neutral! Love, Mimi xxx

  2. Hmm, that is so interesting that some people use vodka! I like the idea of witch hazel better. I bet these smell so nice in the evening when you lay down!


    1. I think it's for the preservative value Carrie...but you're right. The Witch Hazel is better. They sure do smell lovely when you put your weary head down, for sure. Love, Mimi xxx

  3. Hi Mimi,
    I tried to answer your comment from when you came by my blog, but realized you were a noreply blogger so just copied and pasted it here.

    Morning Mimi,
    How are you?? Nice to hear from you, and thanks for your sweet comments on my bedroom
    make over.
    Have to say we really enjoyed that new look this week since we we spent 48 hrs. in there
    since it was the only room with Air Conditioning. They came and put our new A/C in yesterday,
    they were here for 10 hrs. as they had difficulty with the copper tubing. Something broke in the
    existing line so they had to go up thru the attic........felt so bad for those poor guys, as it was
    100 degrees outside and 89 inside. Even tho we had air in the bedroom we were coming in
    and out all day checking on things and giving out drinks trying to keeps those poor guys
    hydrated, so I was still hot all day..............but praise the Lord it is working now, and
    they say it should cut our electric bill in half, so that was good news........and it feels like heaven
    in here once again............nothing like doing with out something for awhile to make you really
    appreciate it even more..............
    Hope this finds you doing well sweetie,
    Blessings, Nellie

    1. Hello Nellie my Sweet! I don't even know what a no-reply blogger is, so I wonder how I came to be one! I'm so glad you stopped by and that your air-con is working again. That cool breeze is a must in the humidity! Love, Mimi xxx

  4. Hi Mimi,
    Thanks for the recipe for the refresher oils.........I made one years ago but can't even
    remember the fragrance now, maybe cucumber..........funny how you do things and then
    somehow forget about it..............might just have to try this again soon. Maybe with some lavendar oil.........isn't that suppose to be good for helping you sleep??
    Sounds lovely to spray your pillows for bedtime...........umm.........

    Have a great day,
    Blessings, Nellie

    1. Hi Nellie...cucumber would be so refreshing! I wonder where you'd get that fragrance?? I'll have to have a search! Yes lavender is very restful and calming...I think you'd like it. Love, Mimi xxx

  5. Dear Mimi,
    I like geranium which is a weird scent kind of but it is really calming to me. I need to concoct some sleep sprays... I have had ones to roll on pulse points that I have liked. The ingredients would give me the recipe. I snoop in the Lush catalogue as the ingredients listed is like a recipe too.
    What beautiful gifts! With thanks,

    1. Dear Annabel...yes I get that...the geranium I mean. I love it too. Lush catalogue is a great idea for inspiration! I must try that! Love, Mimi xxx

  6. I heard of using vodka, Have to see how many bottles of witch hazel I have -I use to stock up on it!


    1. I'll be interested to here any variations on the common fragrance combinations Linda so do pop back! Love, Mimi xxx

  7. Oh how wonderful it must be to have such a wonderful scent to sleep with....I love the scent of calming for me....

    1. It IS lovely Shirley. I'm glad you stopped by. Thankyou. Mimi xxx

  8. Oh, this does sound heavenly! Right up my alley!!! :) A pillow spray on the nightstand sounds perfect! Thank you for the inspiration...

    1. I knew you'd love the idea JES. Love, Mimi xxx

  9. I would love to make some of these Mimi.

    Can you tell me where I can purchase organic essential oils and witchhazel online please? Is Aussie soap supplies the best/cheapest place to buy them?

    I bet my sensitive hubby will complain too lol! So they may have to be given as gifts :)


    1. Tania, I love Heirloom Body Care for essential oils, and Aussie Soap Supplies for the bottles. Love, Mimi xxx

  10. Hi Mimi, wow these homemade sprays sound so nice and must smell great.
    Thanks for sharing this at Cooking and Crafting with J & J.

    1. My pleasure Julie. Thanks for having

  11. Dear Mimi, this sounds heavenly! I have never thought of spraying my pillow, but love using sprays on linens. The combinations sound wonderful and would make fabulous gifts. Thanks so much for sharing with SYC.

    1. Thankyou Jann. I love visiting you. Mimi xxx

  12. This is such a neat idea!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J! Please don't forget to enter the $25 Starbucks Giftcard Giveaway that ends tomorrow night!


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