Friday, January 29, 2016

Five Star Frou-Frou're in my heart...

This week, Jes's at Strangers and Pilgrims on Earth's, Antique Botanical Prints caught my eye and my imagination...

baked camembert with balsamic, cherry tomatos and thyme

Fiona from sawitdidit had my mouthwatering with her incredible baked camembert...


...and Ann from Domesblissity bowled me over with this gorgeous tween room makeover!

Thanks to all, and don't forget that this is a party! So be sure to mingle won't you ;-)


  1. Thanks for featuring my Baked Camembert , Mimi! And thanks again for hosting this party each week xx Fiona

  2. Hello Mimi
    What beautiful features from last week - I'm so inspired.
    The Botanical prints are beautiful.
    My mouth started watering the moment I saw the bake Camembert!!!
    Thank you sweet friend for hosting.

  3. Good morning! Thank you for featuring our PRINTABLE CITRUS ART PRINTS! Have a lovely weekend! :)

  4. Hi, Mimi!
    I'm so happy you stopped by to visit! I've been a little out of touch since before the appreciated your kind comment!

  5. Hi Mimi

    Thanks for hosting, love the features- the printable citrus art prints are beautiful!


  6. Thanks for hosting Mimi. You remember me Baked Camembert, time to do it. Have a nice weekend, Hugs. Monika

  7. My mouth is watering too with that camembert!!
    Have a lovely weekend, Mimi!

  8. Thanks so much for featuring my bedroom makeover Mimi. I really appreciate it. (So sorry to hear of your leaving the forum. An end of an era. I haven't been on there for years but you were a great influence to me while I was there. I'm sure you'll be sorely missed. Onwards and upwards though!)

    Anne xx

  9. Thanks for hosting the party and I love the features. Enjoy the weekend.

  10. Thanks so much for hosting the party!

  11. Thank you for inviting me and my thrifty mugs to visit you today. You have a lovely blog! Thank you also for your very kind comments about my blog.
    Wishing you a lovely day,

  12. Thank you for hosting and for inviting me to your party! I love the name of this party!

  13. wow. what a bunch of creative posts. thanks for leaving a comment about your party Mimi. Love it.


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