Friday, October 18, 2013

Wallow in luxury for the price of a drink..

I enjoyed this mocktail, spending several exquisite hours soaking up plush, for just the cost of the drink.

My husband and I enjoyed this sublime coffee and petit fours for less than the cost of a pizza.

This incredible sunset was enjoyed with just a glass of champagne and a bowl of crudités and aioli.

And these camellias came with tea in English Bone China and fine antiques and linen.
You can't live Five Star Frugal, unless you're willing to seek out luxury and abundance in other ways.
So go on. Put on your heels, your best five star face and hair, and an ironed dress and heels and see where it takes you.
Shopping Malls and suburban cafe's do not a luxury make.
Loitering in five star hotels costs nothing although it's gracious to at least order a coffee. Take a book or a glossy magazine and picture yourself waiting for Johnny Depp. You'll be less likely to be asked to move on.
Many antique stores now multi task and offer delightful teas and exotic treats within. I love that. It's like degustation on a movie set.
And sunsets and sunrises are always free. Drag yourself away from your usual routine and soak them up with a coffee or a sparkling wine.
Expect more from your life.

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