Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Each day is a little life....the humble dishwashing brush makes my day just a bit nicer....

Well, someone has to do the dishes around here.
I got fed up with the scourer thingy on the sponge thingy on the hollow handled put-detergent-inside-it-so-you-don't-have-to-fill-the-sink dishwashing brush, falling off. They didn't used to be like that. They lasted. Now it's a week at best and the glue has come unstuck and the thing is a mess.
So I bought this one today.
It's so nice, I find myself looking for things to wash. It has an earthy, smooth wooden handle that matches my kitchen bench as seen above. The bamboo bristles are all kind of stiff and scratchy in a good way. It works brilliantly.
Especially now that I have a cake of original Aussie Sunlight Soap on a little wooden platform next to the kitchen sink and I brush the bamboo bristles across the soap and use it to clean the dishes.
 Sunlight soap carries so many happy childhood memories for me, as it does for many Aussies, that the scent of it can't help but put a smile on my face. But it has to be the real deal. The one found in the cleaning products aisle, not that imposter in the toiletries aisle.
The real one comes in a navy, red and lemon box with the distinctive Sunlight graphic on it. The soap itself has a little kewpie doll person stamped into one side, and the words 'so gentle' and 'so mild' next to it. On the opposite side is proudly stamped 'Made in Australia'.
When we were kids with snowy white blonde hair, Mum would wash our hair with rainwater and Sunlight soap. We always had the prettiest, shiniest locks of any family in the neighbourhood, so there must have been a method in her madness. Certainly no-one these days would dream of washing their hair with Sunlight Soap!

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