Monday, October 21, 2013

Each day is a little life....eavesdropping...

So, there I was, minding my own business, sunning my limbs at Noosa on the weekend.
Noosa is a premier beach holiday destination in Australia and home to some of the loveliest white sand beach in this part of the world.
So, there's me, slasher book in hand, slowly crisping myself to a golden tan, when I hear the strains of Beethovens Ode to Joy.
Yes, just a few paces away, nestled in the foliage surrounding a patch of lawn just large enough to house 50 guests standing around in black tie and evening wear, is a string quartet.
They're warming up the crowd for the impending arrival of the bride.
The Diva and The Musician Husband congratulate themselves on finding such a winning spot for the family, and The Diva proceeds to Pirouette and Grand Jete` her way across the sand as the next piece is one she danced to for her Concert just a week ago. And very pretty it is too. As is she, although my brain struggles to reconcile the surfer girl in Mambo bikini, with the ballerina gracing the stage last week!
It's late afternoon and there are several weddings in progress along the Noosa foreshore. Each with it's own little secret patch of lawn, and white sand just steps away with safe and gentle sea lapping the shore. An outcrop of rocks is a few steps further away, and another newly wed couple are clambering there, posing for that special shot. Unlike other rocky outcrops, this one is very safe, and free of crashing waves, likely to knock an unsuspecting bride from her feet.
I've loved being a bystander at weddings ever since we lived opposite a pretty Catholic church in my early teens. Saturdays were always spent, chin cupped in hand at our front windows, watching the endless parade of brides arriving hourly. The organ would play the Bridal March (variety on that point was unheard of back then), the bells would peal, the happy couple would drive off in their beribboned car, and another bride would arrive.
Late Saturday afternoon was always spent trying to rescue petals of confetti from the church steps as confetti had not yet been banned from celebrations at this point.
The Noosa bride had no confetti, no bells to peal, and no organ to play the Bridal March.
But I loved eavesdropping on her wedding all the same. From a discreet distance of course.
Blissful indeed.

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