Monday, October 28, 2013

How badly do you want it..the letter B and how it's changing my thinking...

Who do I want to be?
How can I be the active, fit person I used to be?
How can my relationship with my husband and children and grandchildren be better?
How can I be that person that always makes wise food choices?
I am going to be that person. I've promised myself.
I recently stumbled upon this pretty Victoriana childrens illustration for the letter 'B'. It's accompanied by a boy and a book and perhaps other items starting with B that I can't see. Nonetheless it's quite beautiful.
I've printed this B out several times, and stuck it on mirrors and windows around the house.
Next to each B, I write a reminder to myself in permanent ink felt tipped pen. It washes off easily with a microfibre cloth.
I make sure I'm quite specific about what I need to do to 'B' in my personal journal, but abbreviate them for display.
B Strong by walking with weights
B a water drinker to hydrate my body and moisturise my skin
B a vegetable and grain lover to nourish my body well
B Healthy by making good food choices
B Active by walking 30 minutes twice a day
B Energetic by playing with the dog
B toned by doing my crunches and lunges
B slim by following my plan of action
B relaxed by doing Yoga
B more flexible by stretching for 10 minutes twice a day
B happy by spending 30 minutes doing something I really love
B caffeine free by drinking herbal tea
B sugar free by doing without or using Stevia as a replacement
B salt free by doing without and learning to enjoy the real flavour of food
B a Dancer by joining a dance class
B a Gardener by digging a new plot for my herbs
B a local shopper and walk to the shop
B proud when I look in the mirror even if I'm not perfect by a long shot
B a smart shopper by frequenting the organic food store not the supermarket
B proud of my new healthy habits
B proud when I walk an extra kilometre each day this week
Who do you want to B?
Can a few 'B's help you get there?

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