Tuesday, April 17, 2012

No Once a Month cookup for me!

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  1. We had the most delicious free range organic moroccan butterflied chicken fresh from the farm on the weekend. It served four indulgent sized serves and was the most tender succulent chicken I have had in ages :-0


  2. Yumbo Kimmie. I was thinking more of the ones I've seen at the supermarket, which are full of gluten (remember we are now gluten free here, teeny weeny, and frequently marked down so they 'seem' like a bargain. But butterflying a chicken is dead easy and they store well in a ziplock bag in the freezer, laying flat, marinated or spiced with something from my own pantry. Free Range Organic from a farm...yep money well spent!

  3. Made even better by the fact that Heartpoet bartered pasta for it :]

  4. I second the use the spiky thing for the mandolin I nearly lost a chunk of skin on one of those things, they are very very sharp. These sound yummy. I will give them a try on the weekend.

  5. Hi mimi,
    I was wondering what type of container you use for your homemade icecream? I regularly have condensed milk in the house (home-made baileys type drink for gift giving) and less often cream so would like to give your icecream a try...

  6. Hi Craftysahm! I use a small, deep, hexagonal shaped caketin that belonged to my Mum. It's a perfect size, shape and depth and holds the chill from the freezer really well. Any deep metal container would doo. Perhaps something like a formula or Milo tin?


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