Monday, April 16, 2012

Family Ties...

It's tiring being a Mother sometimes.

With four adult sons, a tweenaged daughter, and everyones partners and whims to worry about, it's a struggle.

I find myself often apologising to one for the behaviour of another, and wondering why, when they are mostly able to apologise for themselves. But it seems the role of mediator falls under my jurisdiction. Although these days, I find my eldest son, stepping up this role with increasing frequency, and might I say, enormous grace.

Unlike the families in sit-coms, or perhaps in this day and age, just like in the sit-coms, family unity does not always come easily.

Thankfully though, we mostly get through okay, and any disputes are settled quickly and with minimal debate. My mantra has always been... 'If it doesn't matter tomorrow, it doesn't matter' ...and it's served us well.

Our family mostly operates in a democratic fashion. That is, we discuss, debate, and finally if need be, take a vote on the course of action necessary in any situation. This mostly works.

From time to time however, someone has to assume the role of Benevolent Dictator and make a decision where a democratic vote has resulted in a split in the ranks.

Usually that's me or my husband, but as I say, more and more, Eldest Son is fielding that responsibility. And that's actually very okay with us. Somewhere along the way, it behoves all of us, as parents, to abdicate our roles as Benevolent Dictators to the next generation. That is the natural scheme of things.

It's actually a great comfort to me, to know that if I absent myself from some family decisions, my sons now have the skills to 'take over the reins'.

This happened last week, when a secret pact was forged to arrange a Mothers Day gift for me.

All was well, and said gift was executed in an orderly and timely fashion. Well, they think it was. I won't tell them about the frantic emails and phone calls at my end, suspending other commitments for various younger family members. Ahem...some consultation would have!

So...I 'think' it's a family portrait for me for Mothers Day...but sshhhh...I didn't tell you that.

Family...a song in the making for sure.

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