Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Homespun Things...Feel Better Recipes!

On my Tray of Bliss today are some grand old home remedies for the nasty chills and ills that befall us all in Winter.

Yes, it's mid-Winter here, and I've just finished preparing my ammunition against the coughs, sneezes, wheezes, shivers, groans and gurgles that I just know will be emanating from my family any day now.

Truthfully, thanks to diligent hand washing and good general hygiene practices, we don't get sick too often, but these recipes are great toasty Winter Warmers that you'll love even if you're not sick!

 Frugal Feel Better Chicken Soup

6 chicken necks
4 chicken drumsticks
1 bay leaf
6 peppercorn
2 whole cloves
4 chicken stock cubes
4 whole garlic cloves
1 whole onion
2 teaspoons grated ginger (or used minced from a jar)
3 whole chilli (if you like chilli)
Enough water to cover the lot, plus 3 cups more
Salt and pepper to taste

Put all of these in the crockpot, cook on low for 7-8 hours.

Allow to cool, skim the fat from the top. Remove all the bones, chuck the necks out, and shred the meat. Keep the meat aside. Drain the stock into a large saucepan or back into the crockpot. Discard all the 'stuff' that's left behind in the strainer.


1 chopped potato
2 chopped carrots
1/2 cup pasta shells or risoni
1/2 cup corn
1/2 cup chopped red cabbage

Simmer for another 4 hours or if you are in a hurry...pre cook all the veg and pasta and chuck it in for an hour to absorb the flavour of the stock.

Check flavour, adjust seasoning...throw in some topped and tailed sno peas or sugar snap peas, and leave while rolls are heating in oven. Serve with the warmed rolls straight after your Feel Better Bathtime Soak.

Feel Better Bath Time Soak

Have this one ready to go when the miseries hit.

2 cups Epsom Salts
1/2 cup Sea Salt
1/2 cup Bi-carb Soda
1 tablespoon oil like Almond or Olive oil
4-6 drops each Lavendar, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Peppermint and Rose Geranium oils

Put all ingredients into a large bowl and mix well with a whisk. Decant into a suitable jar with a lid and leave to allow the scent to develop for at least 24 hours. Add around 1/4-1/2 cup to the running water in the tub. Stir the bath water to make sure the salt crystals dissolve fully before entering the bath. Soak for as long as you can stand it, before hopping out, drying off, putting some of the good old fashioned chest rub or Vicks around your neck and on the soles of your feet, then dress in your snuggliest nightwear.

Finally, there's nothing like flannelette sheets, flanno pj's, bedsocks and a cuddly dressing gown or blanket  to make you feel warmed and cosseted when you've got the chills.

We favour knitted bedsocks, chenille dressing gowns and cozy rugs in our house :)
Stay healthy!


  1. I would love to have you around when I am ill! :-)

    1. Lol Bungle...I wish I had another me around when I am ill! Mimi xxx

  2. I do similar for all in our home when the dreaded lurgies hit each year. I am with Bungle when I next get the flu I shall be wolf whistling you from my front veranda Mim's to head on over with supplies lol. Hang on a minute...damnit I can't wolf whistle ha!

  3. The soak sounds wonderful.
    For coughs - in a half full jar of honey, about 250gm, add a small onion, sliced. Stir and let stand for about 1 hour. Sip on a spoonful when necessary.

  4. Kimmie, I'm only up the hill. Whistle away! Jo, that sounds fab too. I'm fond of the local organic bush honey for coughs. Bungle, if only you were closer :)

  5. We had cause to use this on the weekend when the Dancing Diva had a violent hayfever attack. Pleased to say it worked well, even for that!


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