Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Trotting, not galloping...

It's been a while since we started our Gluten Free life now, and I'm finding it easier than I expected.

The greatest challenge remains how to make some of the commercial gluten-free products more palatable, as try as I might, I cannot completely ditch convenience food.

My latest success is Gluten Free Wraps turned into Pan Seared Quesilladas.

On thier own, these wraps are a bit woeful. They have an unappetising leathery texture that just isn't pleasant or satisfying.

This method turns them into a crisp wedge stuffed with gooey filling and is well worth a try for Pizza Lovers.

You need:

A large non stick frypan
Spray oil (olive oil is best)
Spatula for flipping
Plate for serving
Pizza wheel or sharp knife for cutting


Wraps, gluten free or otherwise if you aren't gluten sensitive
Grated cheese
Other fillings like pineapple, deli meat, capsicum (peppers), baby spinach, toasted nuts


Heat the hotplate on 'High' and place the pan on it. Spray the pan liberally with the oil and toss in one wrap.

Sprinkle the entire surface with grated cheese.

Then in a semi circle (because you're going to fold it in a minute), distribute your other ingredients evenly.

Leave to cook for a minute or so, checking underneath until the underside is toasty brown and to your liking.

If the other ingredients aren't melted and piping hot now, heat the grill (broiler) and pop the whole thing under there for a minute or so.

Remove from grill or hotplate, and flip the plain half over the filled half so you have a sort of omelette arrangement in the pan.

Slide onto your serving platter and cut in half, arranging one half over the other for presentation.


We're not yet galloping along with our food choices, but we've advanced from a crawl to a comfortable trot, so we're getting there!

(photo following)


  1. Mim have you tried the buckwheat pancakes, they are great plain or you can add different sweet or savory fillings, My friend told me about gluten free wraps a few years ago I went shopping and saw them on special so brought them all, got them home really excited about my purchase, tried one it was disgusting, so I took them all back and got my money back.
    Sherrie from Simpleliving :)


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