Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Bigger Picture...

Okay, quickly, what is this a picture of?

Some of you might say....a bridge, a tower, a wheel. It's hard to tell because the point of view of the person taking this shot is so close to the structure.

This can happen in life too. Sometimes we are so close to a situation, or dilemna, that we can't work a thing out any more.

Further to my post of yesterday, urging you all to focus on the simple things this Christmas, I now say to you...remember the big picture.

Dont' laugh...those two ideas actually fit hand in glove...the simple things and the bigger picture.

It's not whether the tree is perfect, the turkey glossy and brown or the plum pudding moist. Those are all the minutae of life. I can't recall most of the meals I've had on Christmas Day. They are just a blur. But I do remember with whom I shared them.

My belief is that Christmas is about showing your loved ones that you care, that you value them above all else...yes even the Turkey....that they are important to you, not just at Christmas, but every day of the year.

My memories of Christmases past are haphazard in terms of gifts given and received. But I have many cherished memories of reading the bonbon jokes aloud, playing Charades and singing Carols.

Instead of filling your families stockings with throwaways from the discount store, why not write a memory on a slip of paper and turn it into a bookmark, by laminating it and punching a little hole in the top through which to thread a ribbon.

Or write them a note with 'ten things I love about you' as the heading?

Why not copy an old photo of one of your own Christmases past, and make a game of seeing how many things the rest of the family remember about that day.

It might be a real eye opener for everyone, to find what those memories are.

I bet it's not about the gifts.

On my Tray of Bliss today is my menu for Christmas Day....

Chilled chicken breast with Festive Dukkah
Bar Room Slaw
Raw Chocolate Truffles
Smiles and Laughter

Of all of them, the last is the most important to me. I would serve jam on toast (on a suitably beautiful tray with linen serviettes!) if that's what put the smiles and laughter into our Christmas.

And by the way...the photo...it's the London Eye taken from one of the Pods on a chilly October evening...I bet someone guessed~

What's on your Tray of Bliss today?

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