Monday, September 10, 2018

Homespun Things...Chinoiserie Chic on the Cheap...

I'm obsessed with all things pink, gold and Chinoiserie.

It all started with a little bedroom makeover. But when I began assembling all of my favourite things, there was a definite theme emerging.
Some call this Hollywood Regency, some call it Palm Beach, some refer to it as Eclectic, and to many... it's Chinoiserie.
Chinoiserie is a European take on Chinese décor, and I think it's always been a love of mine. I just didn't realise it was a 'thing'.
So here I've found a Chinese knot doona cover for next to nix. That's getting upcycled into cushions. This fabric will be viewed on the diagonal, to resemble the trellis pattern that is so common in this décor.
See here....
...and here... just have to know what you're looking for...
This little plastic frame had all the lovely faux bamboo and Chinese inspired elements for me to snap it up at just $3.
It's just been painted pink and given a much loved family photo to look after.

Note also my new Cyclamen plants. Bought on markdown at the supermarket as they'd finished their first flush of flowering and were looking a little dowdy. $5 each, thankyou very much. These need a prettier pot, but never fear...I am on the hunt!
A pair of Art Deco-Mid Century Modern Cranes, were discovered for $8. Many thought I should leave them powder blue....
...but my heart hankered for pink...

...they've dried now, and been treated to necklaces of black and gold tassels. See that pic further down. I'm so happy with them.
Pretty glamorous.
Speaking of glamorous, it only took me a nanosecond to scrounge a polystyrene ball and some skewers from my craft cabinet to cobble together a Spiny Coral in metallic gold....

Inspiration here...
Hmmm.....I think I need more!
With all that pink abounding, Husband asked with a raised eyebrow whether we were incorporating any more Husbandly elements into this Chinoiserie Thing...
This Robert Allen fabric was just what the Husband ordered...toning nicely with the watercolour above our bed. This will become cushions, bolsters and upholstery for an ottoman...

I haven't found a bamboo mirror to paint yet, but you know me. I will...

Look! Hot pink! It's a thing in Chinoiserie. Honest. Along with Greek Key trims, ginger jars, tassels, pagodas, bamboo, and metallic finishes. Heaven.

Check out these lamps. Yummy right? I can't bring myself to have pink lampshades though. That's a bit TOO much pink.

My lamps here...they were $6 for the PAIR people...'s those Art Deco crane figurines before...note the photo frame in turquoise too (now pink)...
… and here they are after...glossy pink and lovely, looking glam with black and gold tassels...
...those lamps...they're getting a Greek Key trim on the bottom of the shades. Like this...…
The desk is an ever changing vignette just now. But I'm edging ever closer to a final fit.
Note my fab ottoman. They're all over Pinterest as Loom ottoman. I bought this beauty for $5, twenty years ago, and never finished restoring it. Now is the time. It's going to be gold with my Robert Allen fabric on top and that big, fat tassel remaining in place.
I'm having fun.
Total spend so far? $175-ish.
Husband is happy. I'm happy.
What was your last big makeover?
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  1. What fun! I love what you've done and how you've used your imagination to make them *you*. Especially the ball & sticks....really clever.

    Our master bed/bath are getting done this fall. It's time. When we bought our first house, we started a cycle of painting/decorating one room per year. When finished, we'd decide which room we were doing the next year. This allowed us an entire year to hunt & peck things and get everything as cheap as possible! It worked so well that we're still doing it all these years later. Now, we do it because it takes us a year to heal up from all the bending, laddering, etc. that's involved in such a project. Old age!!! I finally found my inspiration piece for the bedroom. It's a comforter set in a teal and seafoam green. I'm also going to try a neat detail painting job on our dresser and nightstands. EThan Allen had this Minnie Mouse dresser for sale several years ago. The dresser itself is white, as mine is. But, they took accents of pink and grey and used it on random trim & knobs. They also used a variety of knobs in those colors and it really looked great. So, we'll start painting in Nov. and I'm excited!

    1. Thanks Debby! I love your idea of choosing a room a year. What fun that must be 'pecking' as you say, to find good deals on everything. I'm enjoying that part too. Hahaha...old age, yes! Those aches and pains are..well...a pain! I love the sound of teal and aqua. Blues and greens are so soothing. A Minnie Mouse dresser sound like a lot of fun! I'd love to see it when it's done. Mimi xxx

  2. What a fun post, my friend! Everything looks simply beautiful and I love the ball with the skewers! What a clever idea :)

    Wishing you a joyous week. Hugs and love to you!

    1. Thankyou dear Stephanie. How lovely to see you. Hugs and love to you too. Mimi xxx

  3. Mimi, you are so clever. It all looks beautiful, thankyou for sharing, I just hosted a 12 year old "sheep/aqua" party and had fun decorating and making up games very cheaply. Clare

    1. Thankyou Clare. This party...sheep/aqua? Do tell! Mimi xxx

  4. Mimi, I think it all looks lovely! I like nothing better than to do just as you are doing: determine a theme or color scheme then work with it, doing it as inexpensively but nicely as possible. I am in the midst of redoing my main living area. I've got a long way to go but there's been a start in letting go of things that have been broken or which just aren't as nice as they should be. I'm looking to add more color to my life too. My kitchen makes me smile with it's aqua blues, whites, reds, yellows. There are fun touches of vintage items. Nostalgic Farmhouse is what I'm dubbing it. I am so over the white and gray Farmhouse décor photos. I want to live in color not in black and white!

    1. Terri, I'm really having fun with this. I'm loving having colour around me after so many years of living pastel. I laughed at what you said about living in colour. I couldn't agree more at this stage! I can just see your kitchen. That colour combo is all over Pinterest and is particularly cheerful! I hear you on the letting go. I just keep telling myself that I deserve nothing but the best and finest, and anything that doesn't fit that mantra has to go. I'm so happy you took time to visit and comment. Mimi xxx


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