Sunday, April 24, 2016

Stephanies Teacup and Mug exchange...The Mug & The Teacup..

 I've been a joyous participant in the Teacup and Mug Exchange run by Stephanie from The Enchanting Rose for two years in a row now. Each time, it's been fun both compiling a gift for someone, and being the happy recipient of one as well.

This year I chose to both send and receive twice...a mug to and from one lady, and a teacup to and from another.

My first parcel arrived from Elizabeth who lives in the UK and blogs at Small Moments. She spoiled me with all manner of pretties. 

A little box  hid a treasure trove of loveliness including a gorgeous rose embellished bone china mug, authentic British tea, Chocolate, slips of lace, a tiny chest filled with more lace, a divine mug rug pink striped and trimmed with more roses, and lush L'Occitane products. I was completely overwhelmed by her generosity and the sweet note that arrived with the pretty parcel. Thankyou Elizabeth!

I just adored the attention to detail from Elizabeth, from the colour co-ordinated prettiness, to the tiny chest filled to the brim with lace...

My second parcel arrived more recently, all the way from Canada from the lovely Lorrie.

 Deliciously pink frothiness in the tissue paper wrapping and a card featuring the Eiffel Tower, hid a gorgeous china teacup and saucer. Lorrie tells me that she has an entire dinner set in this pattern! Can you imagine sitting down to a meal with this framing your three meat and veg...sigh....

 Of course that wasn't all...Lorrie also gifted me some Irish Breakfast Tea, a silk sachet filled with lavender in the most fabulous shade of rose pink, a hand made tea wallet with some specialty teas inside...

....and a Paris themed teatowel which will look perfect in my kitchen!

Look at the detail in this little button on the Lavender sachet...just stunning.

I sent to two ladies, both internationally and had a bit of a saga doing so. Customs regulations are so strict these days!

As I neglected in the kaffuffle, to take photographs, I will have to let the ladies concerned, share what pretties I sent them.

Thankyou to Elizabeth and Lorrie and to Stephanie for taking on the mammoth task of organising such a lovely exchange.


  1. I just read a post from someone else who was in the tea exchange. How funny. Those tea cups look so pretty.I love tea. I am not a coffee drinker so tea in my go to. Thank you for sharing your exchange.

  2. Sweet Mimi, I was thrilled to see the lovelies that these two precious ladies sent you. Each package is beautiful and evidently put together with love of love. The mug is gorgeous and the tea cup is a rare gem!

    Thank you, dearest friend, for joining the fun. It's always a joy to have you participate. Love and hugs to you!

  3. I'm so glad for the goodies you've received, my lovely Mimi, the mug is so precious with its stunning rose, and the tea cup is truly wonderful, I'm sure you're treasuring them both !

    Hope you're enjoying your Sunday,
    I'm sending you love and gentle hugs on the start of your new week ahead,
    with much thankfulness


  4. I so enjoyed making your parcel up for you...and very pleased that it arrived without breakages.

  5. Dear Mimi
    What beautiful parcels of goodies from both Elizabeth and Lorrie! They are two of my fave bloggers!
    Both the mug and the cup are elegant and it's such a joy drinking tea or coffee from fine bone china.
    All the extra goodies have been thoughtfully selected too!
    I missed this party because of work pressures but I very much hope to be part of the next one in October.

  6. Your mug and teacup packages are both wonderful! I've always admired the pretty Lavender Rose pattern.

  7. I'm so glad your parcels arrived intact. Elizabeth from Small Moments and I are blogging friends from years ago - how great to have a "meeting" of sorts in Australia with you!

  8. What gorgeous pretties you received, Mimi. The Lavender Rose tea cup and saucer is so lovely. How serendipitous to receive the gorgeous chest filled with laces. You lucky gal, you. There is a great deal of angst connected to overseas postage, isn't there. One holds one's breath until one's parcel is safe in the recipient's hands.

  9. Oh Mimi what gorgeous gifts you have received from both of these ladies. I am sure that everytime you drink from the mug or sip from the teacup that you will be thinking of these lovely ladies that gifted them to you.

    Aly xxx

  10. This is the most fun! What a beautiful teacup and mug you received. Along with lots of other goodies! Have a beautiful week! Lynn

  11. Mimi...what sweet beautiful things you received. I loved your tea cup and the pretty rose on the inside of the cup. Just so pretty. And what a neat idea was the lace and chest. How fun you decided to do both this time around. Enjoy! :-)

  12. So dainty and pretty. These make for a beautiful relaxing moment.


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