Monday, March 5, 2012

A word on the clean sweep....

When I first mentioned to my husband that I was using a straw broom to sweep our carpets in preference to using our vacuum cleaner I think he envisaged something akin to this great shot from a blog by a lady who seems to have similar ideas to my own...

When in actual fact, I was referring to this sort of model...

My Mum had one of these back in the sixties and seventies, and we used it until we wore it down to the stubble near the second last row of stitching near the top. It served us well, but was eventually retired for a soft broom and carpet sweeper.

This little thing seemed effective, but frankly never did anywhere near as good a job as the old straw broom.

Of course, nowadays, we've graduated to a Dyson vacuum cleaner in our home, complete with a little tray of attachments that look somewhat surgical in nature.

And guess what...the straw broom STILL does a better job.

Do you ever wonder why we use all these labour saving devices, and then go and join a utterly crazy!

My aerobic workout consists of sweeping every inch of our four bedroom house with my straw broom. It gets into all the corners, picks up lint, and removes dirt like you would not believe.

It uses no power, lasts for ages, stores neatly away without cords everywhere, and can be used by anyone at a moments notice.

And of course, I can use it as transportation on All Hallows Eve....mwah-ha-haaaa....

Try a straw broom...I bet you like it too.

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