Thursday, October 20, 2011

To caravan or not to caravan.....

On my Tray of Bliss today is the Australian Dream...well sort of.

Here in Oz, as in many parts of the world, it's the Grand Tradition, at a certain time in life, to hitch the caravan up to the 4WD and head off into the sunset for the Trip. The Trip entails navigating the circumference of Australias extensive coastline, with a detour into the Red Centre, The Kimberleys and The Vineyards. We call those who go on these road trips, Grey Nomads. A term so coined as the Trip is usually taken by couples who, finding themselves footloose and fancy free after many years of child rearing and dedication to long hours at work, decide to up stumps (an Aussie expression meaning to haul tail) and see our vast land at their own pace. One year is the usual time frame.

Now The Musician and I had long ago decided that this idea was not for us. We like our creature comforts, and our homes away from home usually have a Day Spa and a Golf Course attached. So squinky wee beds and teeny stovetops are not really for us.

But looking at these photos, honestly, I could be tempted.....

These are the most mouthwateringly adorable homes on wheels that I have ever seen...

....and dammit....I WANT ONE!

I don't even want to go anywhere in it.

I just want it as a kind of grown up cubby house.

Waddya reckon (another famous Aussie expression loosely translated as What do you think my Dear?)...

What's on your Tray of Bliss today?


  1. I say go for it. You would turn yours into something very pretty I'm sure.
    It would make a lovely guest room but get one that can be towed and go exploring too.


  2. ABSOLUTELY! I want a grown up cubby house too, and if it looked like that, I would take it to a few select places where I could visit vineyards, eat olives and good bread, and read a good book under that umbrella!

  3. One of the ladies at the markets Stu does has a retro caravan in original condition filled with all manner of pretty items from that time for sale. TIS GORGEOUS!


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