Thursday, April 14, 2011

Motherly Advice...10 Steps to your own DIY Cafe` Corner...

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Today I'm sharing an idea germinated from my aversion to shopping centres.

I've finally stumbled upon what it was that I used to like about cafe's. And it isn't the coffee or the overpriced sandwiches!

It's the Princess Feeling.

Being waited upon, the feeling of crisp linen, gentle music, murmured conversations, serenity.

So I've created my own Café` Corner.

Now, it's not a lounging corner, which is what springs to mind when you think of having a coffee at home. It's a single table version of all the things I love about my favourite coffee shops.

Now if you're a Starbucks or Gloria Jeans kind of person, my café` corner won't be for you. But you can still analyse the elements of your own favourite café` and replicate it at home too.
Shortcrust pastry rosettes

What you need:

1. A smallish table that's tall enough to get your knees under. So NOT a coffee table or side table.

2. A pretty chair. Even an old outdoor chair covered with a favourite quilt could be lovely.

3. A roll of non slip matting. This is available from discount stores and supermarkets and is meant to stop your crockery and cutlery from banging around in the drawers, amongst other things. This stuff will give the top of your old table something to 'grab' the tablecloth, and is also nice and squishy for leaning on.

4. A table cover. It could be plain white, but if your café` has red vinyl or floral table covers, then that's what you'd be after. Old bedsheets are a great alternative to tablecloths.

5. Now the little details....I have sugar cubes because I have such happy memories of teas with my Nanna and Mum in long ago establishments where sugar cubes and coffee crystals were de rigeur`. If you prefer the little paper sachets, then they too, are available at your supermarket.

6. Pretty salt and pepper shakers...a thrift shop find for under a dollar, give a five star feel.

7. Glossy magazines or old books...whatever you like to read, are a lovely addition.

8. A decent sized cup and saucer is essential to encourage lingering, and a coffee pot or teapot is a nice alternative to having to get up for your second cuppa.

9. Now, find a special corner in your that you love. That's where your café corner should go.
10. Set up your table with the non slip matting under the tablecloth or cover, and all your pretty accoutrements` arranged in a way that pleases you.

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Settle your chair in a comfortable position where you can view something that you love.

Boil the kettle, cut a slice of your favourite cake, sit, and enjoy. Who needs to spend money to chill out at a café`.



  1. I love your idea of a coffee corner at home, how utterly relaxing and indulgent yet cheap as chips! Love it, might ave to steal the idea!

  2. Thanks Mel...DD is hogging it at the moment, so I haven't even had a look in!

  3. Mimi, what a wonderful idea :)
    I can just see myself sitting there with my cuppa, a treat and a magazine. Ahhhh Thankyou :)

  4. Beautiful as always!My cuppa with a little plate of chocolate truffles that's my tray of bliss :)
    Mim here is a blog you must check out! the roses are simply gorgeous, you will adore them :):)

  5. I'm so pleased you all like it. The great thing is it cost me under $20, and saves me twice that every week. Even if you had to raid somewhere like IKEA for the bits and bobs, I reckon you could still do it for well under $100. I used to spend that much on bought lunches! Off to check that one out Sherrie..thanks..x

  6. We always have sugar cubes, it has always been my misguided belief that they are uber posh. My sisters make fun of me because of it.

    I love my outdoor cafe at home. Just wrought iron table and chairs in the herb garden but it is lovely to sit, sip and enjoy.

  7. Mimi, you can make anything lovely. What a great post.
    I'm now following your blog from Simple Savings :)
    My blog is - if you haven't visited already I'd love you to stop by and join ^_^


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