Friday, April 15, 2011

Timewarp Thursday.....Donny vs. Justin....

No-o-o...this is not Justin Bieber as you can see by the title on this album cover. There's Justin up there to your right. It's my old hearthrob, Donny. And there's a reason that I've chosen his pic for my blog today.

Today I feel like the worst Mother in the world.

Today I wish that I hadn't cancelled the darned Sunday paper delivery. Because then I would have had some idea that Justin Bieber was touring Australia.

I don't watch TV really at all, and I only listen to CDs in my car.

So I've been blissfully unaware.

The only reason my oversight was discovered was because my 11 year old daughter coerced me into taking her and a friend to the Justin Biever...sorry currently playing here. Having actually been convinced that yes, he's cute, and yes, he can sing, we googled him and HELLS BELLS.....he's touring as I write. But lamentably all ticket sales are exhausted.

It's funny because, having been a big Donny fan at the same age, I actually feel her disappointment keenly. If someone had told me Donny was touring (as he did once) and I found I'd missed out, I would have bawled for a week....ahhh..those pre-teen hormones.

But my darling girl has taken this oversight stoically, and vowed to instead have a Justin Bieber party with all of her like minded friends. Bless her.

This Justin B, is very similar to Donny in many ways. Toothsome, mop haired, doe eyed, super cute Christian boy with a girlish voice and a non threatening repertoire.

The physical similarities are astounding.
What goes around truly does come around.

On my Tray of Bliss today is a planner for the JB party...I might actually enjoy myself. I'll just close my eyes and pretend it's Donny.

Or you could help us by going to the Bad Mummy Where's My Justin Bieber Tickets Blog listed to your right, and vote for us! It's a self generated blog to attract the attention of the JB team. I happen to know, having seen the Bieb's movie, that he's a big fan of social c'mon Biebs...put thy money where thy mouth is and help us out~

What's on your Tray of Bliss today?


  1. I hope you will let us know your ideas for the B party. Please? My DD would be interested in this for her DD (DGD).
    I am taking my DGD (5 going on 15 :o) this weekend to the JB movie, I am looking forward to it actually.

    Love your musings and memories :)

  2. Oh how sweet!! Wish you could have found tickets for your daughter. Maybe soon! The party sounds like fun! Thanks for your visit and kind comments I am becoming a follower of your blog.


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