Monday, January 23, 2017

A New You....Annual Self Maintenance Program...downloadable PDF...

Here is the downloadable self maintenance plan I promised you all. You'll find it at the bottom of this post. I hope you'll use it well.
Many people think that self maintenance is all about fitness and exercise and staying slim, and yes, that is part of it. But that does not mean that those of us who are carrying a few extra wobbly bits, should just give up. That's no plan at all!
Did you take a good hard look at your real self, unadorned, and find a list, even a short one, of your prettiest qualities? Maybe it's a dimple, a soft shoulder, a welcoming embrace, long eyelashes or beautifully shaped brows. If so, then I am proud of you. We are taught not to be 'vain', and it can be difficult finding something appealing about your own face and body when you've aged a little.
If your list was somewhat brief, I promise that my Self Maintenance Plan will help you add to it.
It will assist you in establishing life-long routines for good health and wellbeing. It will serve as a reminder for what needs doing and when. And most importantly if you are the busy type as I am, it will prevent you from neglecting yourself, when others needs take over from your own. And that I think is one of the more important reasons to keep this somewhere where you can see it every day.
Download it, print it out and put it somewhere prominent. For me, that is next to my bathroom sink. I keep mine in a plastic document sleeve and tuck it behind my pretty jars. Then it's always on hand as a prompt when I'm showering. For me, that is morning AND evening. If you have a different routine, then place it somewhere where it will act as a prompt for you.
Then start tomorrow and continue until this time next year, and I promise you, you will look and feel different.
You will feel in control of your life and the way you look. You will take the edge of some of your internal aggravations because you will be looking after number one, and in doing so, you'll become more adept at caring for others. You will find features to add to your list in your journal. Qualities about YOU, that are becoming and valuable.
Let's do this together.
Let's start tomorrow, and check in a week from now. Let's share how we are feeling, how we are looking, and whether our attitudes are changing.
Let's do this...for ourselves.
My Self Maintenance Plan
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  1. Thanks Mimi, off to download it now :-) love Maria xx

  2. I was interested to see the products you like to use regularly. It's a very personal preference but one can learn from what works for others. As such, my most recent projects have been making soap, lip balm, and heavy-duty moisturizer for myself and my daughter to take care of winter dryness using more natural products. I like sugar scrub in the summer to keep my feet looking more sandal-ready.
    Blessings, Leigh

  3. Mimi the PDF print off gave me the push I needed to head out for a walk this morning. I have gotten out of the habit. not because I don't like walking, but because it has been so hot of late. Off to the beach I did trot and the little dog and I had a lovely walk. Yes it was hot but it was so nice to get out of the house and down to the water. My feet appreciated the sand scrub as I walked along and are feeling so much nicer now that the rough edges have been filed off. Thank you

  4. will download when I get home, and using my own computer. Really looking forward to starting.


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