Friday, January 20, 2017

A New You....The First Step...

Today is the first day of a new you.
Let's work together to be better.
Let's stop throwing on the first thing that comes to hand because we're only going to be at home today, and nobody is going to see us. Let's put a stop to driving the children to school in our pyjamas or gym gear because it's just easier. Let this be the last time you wear your gym gear to the supermarket, because you're in too much of a hurry to shower and change before leaving the gym.
 Does this sound familiar?
Let me say this....
I want today, to be the last time you put yourself at the bottom of the list.
You have to believe it though. I can almost see some of you nodding and agreeing, knowing that in a minute, you're going to get up from the computer, and forget everything you've just read.
I would like to say to you, that if you start today, by this time next year, you may well be a very different person. Not only will you look better, you will feel better. Your relationships will improve, your self esteem will too, and you may well find an inner peace, because you'll no longer be putting your own needs on the back burner in order to fulfill everyone elses.
Women are notorious givers. We think of others before ourselves, often with consequences that affect our health, well-being, and self-esteem. So we get to 'a certain age', and find that the hopeful young thing with a spring in her step, who never left the house looking less than her best, and who saw a lazy day at home as a reason for a self-pampering session, has up and left the room.
Many of us use having children as a reason to pay less attention to self, and certainly child rearing in the early years, say, birth through to school age, has it's challenges. I know. I've been there four times! I know it's hard to find a minute to even shower, never mind take any additional care with your hair or what you wear. I accept that.
But this stage of intensive Mothering does pass, and for some of us, those habits formed during that era, never leave us, and we remain forever stuck in the 'that's good enough' frame of mind when it comes to self. For some of us, husbands and partners may even encourage this, as it allows them too, to relax with their appearance and well being. Dare I say, having a wife who has relaxed her own standards of appearance, helps them feel more secure. That's not to say ALL men are like that, but I've certainly met quite a few who were in my lifetime! Be honest, I bet you have too. And that applies to children as well. It's human nature to feel threatened by change, and you, looking your best, exercising, trying a new hairstyle or colour, or dressing well all of a sudden, can be confronting for them for all kinds of reasons.
The thing is, that it's about having a long, healthy life too. It's not just about looking nice in what you wear. My family are a bit notorious for telling me that I'm not fat, and that I'm beautiful 'just the way I am'. Well. That's lovely of them, but I refuse to use that as an excuse to stop exercising, eating healthfully, and looking after myself. Neither should you. The sentence 'My husband/family love me just the way I am', has become a bit of a catch-phrase for giving up. If that's the case, then your husband and family will continue to love you no matter what. That's implied. So why not give them the best version of yourself?
Today, I want you to make a promise to yourself, that just for the next 12 months, you will prioritise YOU. That by this time next year, you will look in the mirror, and like LOVE what you see. This is not about losing weight, or changing yourself completely. It's about making the most of who you are, and being the best you can be, no matter your age, weight, body shape or budget.
Todays task is to determine your Body Shape.
Here is a Body Shape Calculator...
Then I'd like you to try to determine your Body Proportions by using this guide...
This will help you decide whether you are short waisted, petite, long waisted and so on. All of this makes a difference, and the lack of this piece of information, is one of the reasons I've been so confused myself, for so long. Imogens blog at Inside Out Style, and Marie-Anne Lecouer at the French Chic Academy and her Facebook group at French Chic, have opened my eyes!
Find a journal, a blank book, or something else to record your thoughts and revelations in, and let's get started.
Work out your body shape, and write that in your book, along with your current weight. Then record your body proportions.
Tomorrow we'll discuss body shape further, and move on from there, and I'll share how the nude wedged sandals, envelope clutch, and pendant at the top of this post, have changed the way I dress and how I feel about myself.
I'm so excited. I've already learned so much this year, and I'm reaping the rewards. I hope I can help you do the same.


  1. I do think it's important to love ourselves as we are!! And your point is so valid...that doesn't mean we shouldn't want to make it better or keep it healthy!

    1. Exactly Jodie. Thankyou and I look forward to visiting you later today! Mimi xxx

  2. Music to my ears Mimi.

    I have some health issues I am dealing with that in a few weeks will enable me to get back to walking. I even have 2 new pair of Skechers on the way to wear.

    This is the last year of my 'getting well' process so I am going to be learning everything I can from you to implement later in the year when I will be needing a new summer wardrobe.

    Glad to 'see' you back and full of positive energy - that holiday must have worked wonders for you.



    1. Dear Lynette, I think health issues can really get the better of us, and it's easy to brush that aside if you haven't experienced it personally. I hope this is your healing year, and one of finding a new persona beyond the ill health. I feel renewed after a break, you're right there! It's always lovely to be home though, isn't it. Love, Mimi xxx

  3. Like Lynette I also had a bad 2016 healthwise but feel like I have now turned the corner. Really looking forward to some great tips and challenges from Mimi you are so inspiring in everything you do.

    1. Hello Kate! Welcome! I'm wishing you a year of good health and wellbeing, and I hope I can be part of that journey with you. Love, Mimi xxx

  4. Thanks Mimi, Im on board , and followed those links above Im a rectangle as I thought but longer body than legs which I wasnt sure about.For fun I just measured DH and he has longer legs haha that was hard to tell with his other proportions ;-)Thanks and love Maria xx

    1. Dear Maria, you always look lovely and I so admire that. I'm learning to re-imagine myself as an Apple rather than an Hourglass and it wasn't easy at first so I hear you on the shape change! It's going to be interesting! Love, Mimi xxx

  5. Done!
    I always knew I was short waisted but thought I was an 'apple' (previously an hourglass when slimmer) - but I am a rectangle. Who knew??? :)

    1. Snap Erica! Me too! Once you have that information, it's like a shift in your world. Suddenly you find you CAN look great every single day, and it's not that difficult, and certainly doesn't entail buying a whole new wardrobe! Stick with me and we'll learn together. Mimi xxx

  6. Popped back in to say I swapped my handbag for a black clutch when I went out today and felt good and ntook more time with my outfit and hair.
    Ive sent a facebook request for the French Chic group,not sure if I have to be recommended though...... Love Maria xx

    1. Hi Maria. Yes a slender clutch just makes for a more streamlined appearance I've found. One very quick lesson, adopted permanently here! I think it's a case of looking at yourself more critically, and just thinking 'this is good, but I can do better'. Love, Mimi xxx

  7. Great advice for ladies Mimi. That was a fun website, lots of good reference articles. Do you use a natural moisturizer? I need to find one. I have seen some great things from the Korean skincare, it is so healthy.
    Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

    1. Hi Sherry. I use a natural DIY face serum at night, and a Salicylic Acid based moisturiser (very inexpensive pharmacy brand here in Australia) during the day. You can find my serum in this post here...

  8. Thanks for sharing my Body Shape Calculator!


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