Thursday, August 4, 2016

Motherly Advice....A few of my favourite things....

I must still be a kid at heart.
The Winter colds and chills, and evil wind here, have got the better of me and I'm feeling less than chipper. You know the one. Sandpaper throat, scratchy eyes, heavy eyelids and the need to alternately snuggle under covers, and lay cool cloths on ones forehead for relief. Gotta love Winter in the Tropics. We sunlovers are never really ready for it!
Funny thing though, when I'm under the weather, I'm stupidly comforted by my trinkets and treasures, much as I was soothed by a cherished doll and a blanket as a child. Perhaps it's about caring for ourselves when we're not feeling the best. What do you think?
I wear my Three Graces cameo, seen above, with my comfiest woollies and a pair of pearl earrings, and curl up with a French Earl Grey tea and a book that allows me to nod off easily.

My daughter brings me my vintage hand mirror and matching clothes brush, so that I do not have to move for tending to dry lips, nor to whisk toast crumbs from my lap. She's so sweet and thoughtful.

When I do have to venture outdoors, as I will very shortly for the after school pickup, my vintage Aurora Borealis brooch, as big as the palm of my hand, will prevent my warm scarf from being whipped from my neck in the wind.

And the simple fact that these delightful oversized Chrysanthemums, are the exact hue of my iPod on my desk, makes me smile. Silly, I know.
What are your favourite things? How do you cheer yourself when the sniffles strike?


  1. Mimi, the brush and mirror are so pretty! That is my kind of frou - frou!

  2. Mimi, I'm sorry to hear you are under the weather. I'm hoping it doesn't last too long.
    I love your beautiful broach.
    Feel better soon.

  3. I adore cameos, Mimi, and your pendant is gorgeous. The mirror and "crumb" brush are so pretty and the bling of that brooch would be enough to cheer anyone up. Looking at the hot pink Ipod and Chrysanthemums reminds me of the question "Which came first, the chicken or the egg (lol)?" When a girl loves beautiful and bright things, the fact that they make a perfect combination is what matters. AS usual, your post is wonderful!

  4. Trust that soon your days will be filled with warm sunshine and you will feel better, but you have surrounded yourself with beauty and that certainly does help!

  5. I love the lovely things you use to comfort yourself. I just like to be home when I am not feeling well, on my couch with a cup of tea.

  6. Hi Sweetie,
    So sorry to hear you are under the weather and hope you will be feeling much
    better very soon. Love that aurora borealis pin, beautiful, and flowers almost always cheer me up too, so not so silly to me. I also like to drink coke or gingerale and eat crackers if I am feeling bad stomach wise for sure. If it is a cold or sinus I like to watch HGTV cause usually I have
    a headache and it hurts my head to read........

    Feel Better and take good care of yourself, and let your loved ones
    take care of YOU............

    Love, Hugs and Get Well Blessings,

  7. Aww, Mimi, I hope you feel better very quickly! I love a good book, hot drink and sunshine in the sunroom (especially when it's cold outside), my old slippers and robe, and no schedules to meet - those are some of my favorite things. Take care.

  8. Rosehip tea, - just the Tasty brand from Coles and lots of it is what I have when feeling as though a bug is knocking on the door. Then I just find a quiet occupation and let the world go on without me.

    We are heading into EKKA week (show week) which is when the 'flu bugs come out and really catch lots of people so I also try to avoid places with lots of people at this time of the year as well.

    My pretties are all still packed away so I have to surround myself with yarn, lots and lots of yarn.

    Get well soon - must have been that boulder you were dealing with last week that let the lurgy in.


  9. I'm so sorry that you are feeling under the weather Mimi. Praying you feel better soon. That brooch is amazing! What a treasure. :)

  10. Dear Mimi,
    Honey and lemon tea helps me alot, also a big fluffy blanket and Mr 10 usually brings me a teddy bear to keep me company. Hope you feel better soon my dear! xx

  11. Super soft and cozy clothing, pretty tea cups, clean sheets,mmy lovely pillow, these are the things I look for when Im feeling yuk.
    I hope youre feeling better! Spring is soon! Xxx

  12. When I feel unwell I have a particular quilt that I find very comforting. It's old, quite old, I think pieced by my great grandmother in the 20's/30's and it is a bit ratty looking but it's just the right weight, neither too warm nor too thin and comforts me no end. I also love to take my coffee from a pretty tea cup and saucer and soups soothe me like nothing else can. I employed all these methods when I came home from hospital last summer and it honestly cut my recovery time, lol.

  13. Hi Mimi,
    Just coming over to check on you hon. Know when you posted this you were not
    feeling too hope you aren't still sick..........
    Just wanted you to know you were missed and hope all is well. Saying a lil
    prayer for you right now.
    Blessings, Nellie

  14. I hope you're feeling much improved, Mimi!

    When I'm feeling "puny" (my grandmother's term) I like coffee or chai tea in my favorite blue mug, a snuggly blanket, and a peaceful spot to read or doze. If supper is already in the slow cooker, so much the better!

  15. Poor you. I like lemon-ginger tea and a slice of cake is always welcome.


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