Friday, August 26, 2016

A Homespun Year....1 minute projects....Dancing Ribbons...

Here's a quick and easy project for you to make for the 3-8 year old in your life.
All you need is thrifted bangles, or ones rescued from the depths of your own jewellery box, and several spools of brightly coloured double satin craft ribbon.
Cut lengths from your spools of ribbon that are about your arms length.
Tie them to the bangles in contrasting strips.
That's it.
Let your little sweethearts pretend to be Olympic Gymnasts. Fun!
A reminder that Five Star Frou-Frou is now a never ending linkup, with a featured blogger and post each and every time I post!
You can find the linkup here.
Todays feature is my namesake, the 'other' Mimi, who has a fabulous blog on fashion for we 'more lovely for longer' ladies. I love her posts at In My Prime Time and this one on colours for the coming season, is a goodie.
I do love those elegant neutrals at the bottom right hand corner, but confess that the pinks on the top row caught my eye too!
To everyone who has been linking, stay tuned for your features over the next few days!
Love to all!


  1. Hi Girly,
    Was glad to see you post, as I have been a lil concerned about you. Hope all is well at your house and with you!!
    Like your lil dancing ribbons....might have to try to make one for lil darling sometime. Very pretty...........
    Well, you take care..........
    Blessings, Nellie

  2. What CUTE project! I love this! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. Those bangles are dancing with vivacious colour, Mimi; they are such fun!

  4. Aren't those the cutest! I know my Granddaughters would love them! Off to find some bangles!

  5. Cute project. I made these for my Preschool class when I taught.
    I always enjoy visiting.

  6. Thank you for the shout out and promise if you are ever in
    America, you will let me know so we can have coffee!
    I always enjoy your blog - it is lovely and always has great
    Best wishes to you and sending hugs & kisses!!!!!
    XXOO Mimi

  7. I just recently did this project for my 3 year old daughter - she had an old princess dress that was all torn and I had used her satin liner for the ribbon part. I like the ribbons better, though, so I will give it a try next time around. Thanks for sharing!


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