Friday, April 3, 2015


My daughter and I used this picture as inspiration to make over her room a couple of years ago.
I think we did okay....and before you ask why her room is so dark and what are those bars on her windows, no she's not in a guarded turret. The 'bars' are shade slats and very common in our part of the world where the Summer sun can turn a West facing bedroom into a sauna. And the intentional 'gloom' is the very shade that keeps her room liveable. She loves's like a permanent cubby house.
Winter came and the Summery vintage patchwork, made way for a strawberry coloured chenille number....

Now she's rearranged her room according to Feng Shui principles and favours another vintage Candlewick bedspread....she's nothing if not predictable.
Me? I love anything French. I sketched this myself one day when I was bored. It's been hanging over my desk for a year or two now. Everyone loves it and wants one, but it was one of those 'moment in time' things. I'm not sure I could do it again.
Anything with texture, preferably in neutral tones gets the nod from me. I made this faux mink throw myself when those things were popular a year or seven ago. I don't think they're quite the go now, but I love mine. Curling up with on a cool night to watch TV feels quite decadent.
Ballet shoes and bling get a good look in round here too.
The girl child took this photo on her iPhone using the aforementioned rug, and her most recent pointe shoes. Quite arty, I thought.
Gelati colours are a favourite when we're not neutral or ballet pink. Limoge teacups and Vintage canisters for example...

We rather like orchids....even fake ones which are so good these days, you can scarcely tell they're fake anyway.
And we have lots of thingies displayed. You know. Useless stuff that we just like looking at.
More Limoges china stacked with calico stamped with French script from the lovely Annabel, Frenchy books, jars of travel mementoes like viewing glasses from the Lido...I think Husband used those to zoom in on some of the sequin action in the show. That's what he said anyway.
More Frenchy books, and a DIY cloche hung with ballet pink ribbon and antique French keys.
Pineapples, red tulips, red books and classic books, ducks, horseheads, brass telescope in wooden box, we've got it all. And nearly all completely and utterly superfluous to modern day life.

Frankly it drives my poor husband around the twist. But I would die without my pretty things around me. I keep trying to exercise restraint, but I just don't think it's in me. All I can do is rotate the stuff so that it all gets a viewing.
What about you. Are you a Minimalist? Or are you more lavish and flamboyant? Do tell.


  1. Mimi, nobody in this house is a minimalist although sometimes I would love them to be when they hoard. I love pretty things but since my girl left home I haven't bothered about decorating much as nobody appreciates it. Sad eh? :-)

    1. Oh Nanna Chel. We ALL need beautiful things around us. Maybe your darling girl could help you choose some special mementoes to display? Life is too short to not celebrate special moments....Mimi xxx

  2. Mimi our daughter would change her bedroom at the drop of a hat. Our first house up here she decided she wanted a dark ceiling (navy) and white and blue striped walls - being VJ's it was a real pain but it was done for her and she was quite happy. Had to paint it all when we put that house up for sale.

    I am not a minimalist by nature but with things in storage I do not have much here to choose from - I have been tempted to buy things but know that what I have in storage will be here by the end of the year when we get the painting finished.

    My rooms are pictured in my mind, hope that the dimensions work and what I have in storage has survived.


    1. Lynette, I was like that. Purple walls, pink walls, white walls. Donny Osmond posters, Brian May posters, Ballet posters. It's so important for teens to express themselves. Our teen has vintage stuff on display like old musical programmes and retro mirrors, just now. I'm not sure how long that will last but I'm loving it! Mimi xxx

  3. Mimi, I used to have the same candlewick spread! The white one with flowers! My mum had the same canisters. I'm likely to be "vintage" like these items are now! ;-)

    I love all the little collections you have of special and meaningful objects. Every little collection tells its own story and reveals something of your life and interests. Just lovely.xo

    1. Thankyou Kaye. I think the art of making house 'home' is getting a big lost these days. I hate walking into a 'styled' house. It's not a home, is it? Mimi xxx

  4. Dear Darling Mimi, Happy Easter to you and family!!!! Lots of love, Flora. Xx
    I love that kooky Chanel sketch so much.
    How gorgeous are the bedspreads??? Chenille!!! Love the textile.

    1. Love to you dear Flora. We adore chenille here. So sensual. Happy Easter to you too...Mimi xxx

  5. Mimi I don't think a throw will ever go out of fashion nor a lovely limoge cup/saucer set. Love your orchids.

    1. You're right Fiona. Some things never go out of style, do they. Thankyou....Mimi xxx

  6. Your sketch is great and so it all the color!


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