Friday, April 10, 2015

French....DIY inspiration....

Annabel my blogging friend from The Bluebirds are Nesting, and I agree on many things, not the least of which is that posh Homewares stores are not meant for buying things. They're meant for inspiration for DIY!
With this in mind, I visited two of my favourites this week. One a Shabby Chic type barn tucked away in a suburban side street, the other, a nearby French homewares and furniture emporium.
The red velvet cushion above, caught my eye straight away. That one's on my list for this weekend. It was priced at $69...probably a fair price, but not one I'm prepared to pay when I can do it myself for one third the cost.
This artificial agapanthus plant in bronze urn was $499. $499 people. I know someone will snap it up at that price, but it wasn't going to be me!
Well, then I spotted these Phalaenopsis orchids in a silver urn/bucket. Sheesh. I've done that one and it didn't cost me $399... 
This version was $799!!!
Then there were these, and I think these are the reason I was drawn to this particular shop on this particular day. They are rhinestone applique's, mounted on black velvet and framed. Aren't they stunning?
I've ordered my appliques, I've already found the the long wait for delivery. Mine will cost around $100. I couldn't see the price on this one, but I bet it wasn't $100!
What did you find to inspire you this week?

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  1. Yes Mimi, there is a lot of inspiration to be had in some shops. I would never pay those prices even if I could afford them but obviously somebody does and there is a market for those items.

    1. I know Nanna Chel. It beggars belief, doesn't it? I love beautiful things, but I'd rather save that money towards a spectacular holiday or a special heirloom piece of jewellery. I guess we all have different priorities. I couldn't agree more that clearly there is a market though, so all power to those that can make, and those that can buy....Mimi xxx

  2. Gorgeous, Mimi, and as usual a very wise decision by you. ...what is the saying - to copy is the best form of flattery.
    Love all your work and ideas :)

    1. Alexa, well said my dear, well said. Pretty things can be made all the more special when we DIY....Mimi xxx

  3. Mimi I just love this! I am so glad you posted it as I am sure no one believes me on the prices of the stores I go in! Credit to you on the spying and photos too! I am sure I will get the boot one day for taking photos!
    There is a spray paint called "looking glass Paint" from the US... if we could get this we could turn any good shaped container into a suitable silver pot to do these arrangements. It gives an antique silver/mirror effect. But I dont know if we can get it in Australia?
    On the weekend I might see if I can drag Chloe to our equivalent elegant, stylish store and glean some inspiration too.
    I would love to find the agapanthus plant (fake) ... getting them with the whole plant/leaves is the thing... Mum loves this blue and it would be a stunning gift to make her.
    I also thought of you yesterday... I was with Lucy in a Patisserie for coffee as our little outing. They specialized in flans, and tarts. Holey Moley they were fabulous but we could make them and make a whole giant one for the cost of one slice. I am sneaking back to take photos and not the flavor combinations... they were spectacular. This will be my next mission! xxx
    Thank you for such a beautiful post. Really the arrangements are so inexpensive to make and there is barely any arranging since it is only a few stems at most. The first one I did I used an old soup tureen as the shape was good. It was $20 all up as I had the tureen...

    1. Hi Annabel. I knew you'd love it. I just could not believe my eyes at the price of those orchid arrangements! Sure they were lovely, but.....! I know about that spray and have ordered some through a paint specialist here. It's about $20 I think. You should have a similar paint specialist there? Great thinking to spray the containers! I hadn't thought of that and it's genius! I am using mine to do a border on the glass inside the frame that will hold my rhinestone applique`. As for the price of flans and tarts, well, it is insane too, isn't it? You don't even have to make your own pastry for goodness sakes. Frozen sweet shortcrust pastry is not expensive, and then you can blind bake it and fill it with anything you like! I have YOU to thank for inspiring the flirtation with the orchid arrangements. I just see possibilities everywhere now. Thankyou for the lovely comment. Mimi xxx

  4. Hi Mimi,
    Some nice finds but such fancy smanchy prices too..........the red pillow is pretty, can't
    wait to see your version of it, and the orchids in that silver were gorgeous but $399., that
    would be a very easy arrangement to make and I have seen faux orchids in Michaels
    and even in Walmart and they look very real............
    Wow those framed appliques are really beautiful and would add a wonderful touch
    of glitz, can't wait to see your finished product. I love collecting ideas like that too
    and making them more reasonable. Came over to link up and missed your Monday party this week, are you not having it anymore?? or do you only do it every so often??

    Hope this finds you well and happy hon,
    Blessings for a lovely weekend, Nellie

    1. Hello Nellie. How are you dear one? Thankyou so much for stopping by. The linkup will go up tomorrow. I had a bit of a crazy week last week and rather than put it up late, I thought I'd reinstate it this coming Monday. I hope you'll still join me. I hope your weekend has been special too Hon. Mimi xxx

  5. Mimi I cannot believe the prices for these items (must have a look at some similar places when we are on holidays because we do not have anything that compares nearby).

    I am loving the agapanthus but not at that price - the cushion is also something that I would deem too expensive considering that I picked up a blue velevet one from an op shop when we were selling our last house for $3-00. A piece fo velvet wouldn't cost even 1/2 that amount to create the cushion and there are lots of sparkly brooches to be found in op shops that would do for the bit in the middle.

    Must pick my jaw up off the desk - I do know someone who would have thought it was all inexpensive and snap it up.


    1. Hi Lynette. I know, right? Who would think??? I just think some of us are consumers and some prefer to create. It's a fundamental thing. All power to both camps I say, but I know which one I'd rather belong to! Mimi xxx

  6. Great post Mimi.
    Some very nice stuff there but I would never pay those prices, they seem outrageous. I tend to not go to these types of shops, but when I do I always look for things that I could make easily myself. I find some home magazines and catalogues hold some very good ideas too, even eBay has given me inspiration :)


    1. Hi Tania. The prices do seem insane don't they, but strangely, this shop is doing very nicely and recently expanded, so I don't think they're short of! It just boggles the mind! I agree that magazines and things are great for inspiration too. Good thinking on looking at eBay too...clever! Mimi xxx

  7. Fun post Mimi! I also commented on Annabel's blog for being an inspiration spy too! :) There is no way I can afford to buy any of those items for any of those prices but the ideas are free :) Thank you for joining the Art of Home-Making Mondays. We are glad to have you and have started following along as well.

    1. Hi JES, and welcome! 'Ideas are free'. That's a great way of looking at it. Window shopping is now 'gathering inspiration' here. We love it :)

  8. I really enjoy reading articles on DIY home décor. I also want to say I love the sparkles that come up on your site when you move your mouse. It makes me feel like a princess.

  9. Oh my, there is no way I could spend that kind of money on decor items! I love how we can be inspired by these things and then make it for WAY less *smiles* Thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Blessings to you!

  10. Thank you for sharing this at Good Morning Mondays, I agree that these shops are for inspiration not for buying and I am sort of glad that I can't afford to buy things in these types of shops because it makes me use my God given skills to do it myself. Thanks again and blessings

  11. Wow, the prices on the artificial plants is very pricey! I too love getting inspiration by visiting local shops. It's always a bonus when I find something that I have been eyeing in their clearance department. That happens now and then. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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