Friday, April 4, 2014

The Secret Angel Project

I took this photo a year or two ago.
It's of a worn angel bust on my bottom step. I bought it many years ago from a plant nursery for just $5 because a corner of it's wing was missing.
As someone who was drawn to things reminiscent of a French life long before I even knew the word 'Francophile', I had to have it.
Well he/she has resided on my bottom front doorstep ever since, acquiring an aged patina that bloggers the world over attempt to mimic with glue, paint and effort. Don't they know that you can just put new things outside and they wear and age naturally??
I then enhanced the photograph a little and looked up the verse, to add to my blog here a while back.
I received so many emails about both the photograph and the sentiment of being kind to strangers that I've now turned it in to a postcard. That in itself is not special. But what I do with the postcards, is.
I have a few of these in my handbag at all times.
If I am somewhere in the course of my day, and I see a frazzled Mum, a lonely elderly person or a staff member in a café` or store who is run off their feet, I leave one of these for them. I then sit back and watch from a distance, what sort of reaction it generates.
Sometimes I don't get to see. Sometimes I just slip it into a Mums shopping trolley, or leave it in an empty one. I've left them on counters where I had no intention of shopping just because I thought it might brighten a persons day. I frequently leave them on tables in coffee shops for the staff to find if I think the service has been extra special. But then I'm gone.
Just sometimes though, I see their face. 99% of the time, the reaction is first one of irritation. They think it's advertising material. Then, as they realise it isn't, they turn it over in their hand, looking for some sort of identifying mark. When there isn't one, they often look bemused, amused, puzzled or utterly thrilled depending upon their nature, I guess. I'd love to know how it impacts on them, but I won't ask. That's not part of the fun.
It's something I'm doing not for what I get out of it, but for what others do.
Would you like some of my postcards to start your own Secret Angel Project?
If you leave me a sweet comment and somewhere to find you, I'll make it my business to send you a couple of mine to get you started.
From there, it's up to you!


  1. That's lovely. We do something similar with *Smile* cards. Sometimes we leave them with $5 and a not to but themselves a coffee or drink. Making your own postcard is pretty clever though.



    1. Thankyou Barb. It's a lovely feeling to brighten someone elses day, isn't it? I think even little business cards would do the same and they're so inexpensive online. Thankyou for your lovely

  2. Hi Mimi--Thanks for your visit to my blog and your kind words. I love your angel project!! How lovely to inspire someone to think...I did something similar a couple of years ago with some glitter peace never know when you might just turn someone's day around...
    ~Lorraine ♥♥♥

    1. Thankyou Lorraine. I'm so pleased you stopped in to see me! Glitter peace signs sound truly lovely too. You're right. You never know when a small gesture will turn someones day, or even someones LIFE around....x

  3. Lovely Mimi and thank you for your kind words on my blog xxxx

    1. Hello Meg, and I'm so glad you stopped by. I love your beautiful blog and what a pretty part of the world you live in! Sending you a hug

  4. Thank you so much for joining in with the Say G'Day Saturday linky party! I've just noticed that your profile picture is from the gorgeous train station in Paris! Love it!

    Hope to see you again this Saturday!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

  5. Hi Natasha :) Yes I adore Paris and ALL of my profile pics feature some landmark or other from the City of Light. I'm looking forward to linking up with Say G'day Saturday again today...x


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