Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Each day is a little life....Blue skies....

I adore this time of year.
It's Spring here and the warmer change in the air has seen us peeling off the coats we scurry out the door in at seven a.m., to bathe our lily white limbs in the sunshine at midday.
There's a hint of promise in the air too. What is it about the early flowering Jasmine, the warm breeze, and the blue skies that imbues us all with such hope?
Hope that the coming warmer days will see happy times, that the not too distant Festive season will see us gathered together, feasting and enjoying one anothers company. Hope that good fortune will continue to smile upon our family. Hope that the burdens of those we love will ease and prosperity will come their way.
There's a new life waiting in the wings as my son and his wife welcome a new daughter in a few months, and a significant anniversary to celebrate.
Life is good.

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