Saturday, August 10, 2013

Each day is a little life....tiny luxuries..

This was a lucky shot, and has not been retouched or enhanced in any way.
I just happened to notice this sunbeam shining through my Limoges teacups this morning, and had to try to capture it.
The sea green cup looks as if it's actually glowing, and those little glints on the handle and rim of the lemon were captured serendipitously, and not by me making any effort to be arty.
This happens to me often. Without effort on my part, good things find me. Is it because I'm open to them? Or do I make my own good fortune through having a positive outlook?
Don't get me wrong. Crap has found me many times too. But I've dealt with the crap and sent it packing, more often than not.
Do you welcome the good into your life? Or do you imagine yourself undeserving and turn it away when it comes knocking?
I seek the good in my life each and every day. That's how my Limoges cups came into my life. I wanted something beautiful to drink from, not just on Mothers Day or Christmas Day, but every day.
 They are gifts from my children. One cup from them (they pool their money to buy just one), each celebratory day for the last couple of years.
I love them and use them daily. It's a tiny luxury, that makes me feel special.
What are your tiny luxuries?

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