Wednesday, June 13, 2012 to the sky...

Yet again, we find ourselves thwarted by the ignorance of others, in our mission to show our son that the sky is the limit for him as much as it is for them.

Who would think a simple thing like joining a bowling league would be such a pain in the proverbial?

Most league bowlers take their sport very seriously and don't have the time or patience to foster a disabled team player. This we already knew from our previous attempts to have him join an existing bowling league.

So now we find ourselves doing the rounds, yet again explaining, and singing Mr A's prowess as a bowler to the ten pin bowling alleys in an attempt to set up a small league for him.

Why does it need to be so jolly hard?

Stay tuned. Let's hope it's good news this time.

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  1. I am so over people exclaiming "this is the way that it has always been done!" Says bloody who?


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