Friday, June 1, 2012

I'm over it...Dance school dilemmas...

It all started when the Diva was just two years old. She watched The Wizard of Oz. She was transfixed. She wanted to spend the rest of her life, dancing and singing, just like Dorothy. We succumbed to the notion of our only daughter, treading, nay, flinging herself over 'the boards' huggle muggle like a whirling banshee, singing like an angel whilst pirouetting, holding the audience spellbound.

If only we'd known then, what we know now.

We were bubbling along okay and the Diva was having a blast being a ballerina, when suddenly she decides a foray into local dramatic theatre is in order. See what happened next here.

Well, theatre got into her blood and we were a bit entranced as well. The theatre experience was a good one all round as you'll see here. She has auditioned for more roles and been successful in securing a lead on one, and a major dance role in another, which is currently under rehearsal.

The upshot of it was, we moved on from our much loved but somewhat tyrannical dance studio, to a smaller studio, where the girls are sweet, the Mums warm and friendly and the schedule somewhat less frantic. All this so she could pursue more theatre opportunities.

All's well that ends well as they say. Or so it seemed.

The Diva then stuck her hand up for the Eisteddfod team at the new studio AND auditioned for the aformentioned dance role in the new theatrical production. She was accepted and welcomed into both. So far so good. No clashes of cultures, no clashes of schedules. All nice and civilised.

Well, blow me down then, when we asked whether we could skip one Eisteddfod rehearsal to have a family Mothers Day gathering. This was met with stony disapproval and dire warnings that the Diva would fall behind. I acquiesed and cut my Mothers Day lunch short to get her there.

THEN it transpires that one Eisteddfod falls on a school vacation weekend that we'd booked flights and a short weekend break on, blissfully unaware of the clash, not having performed in this particular Eisteddfod before. Can't cancel the flights as they're booked on Reward points, can't change them as it's school holidays and there are no seats. The only clash is one item that we hoped might be suitable to be 're-spaced' which is what they do if someone is sick or injured on the day.

Email the teacher, explaining the dilemma and saying that, regrettably, the Diva will have to withdraw from that item in order to accompany the family on a holiday.

Well, hells bells. The world is ending. The teacher is not happy because it sets a precedent (I do see her side of it) and Husband is not happy because he wants the family to go on holiday together. Being as how he's so gracious about the dance and theatre schedule for the most part, I see his side too.

Blinkin' hell.

Where to from here????

Dance school. I'm over it.


  1. Hi Mimi, take a big breathe and let it slowly has a way of working out perfectly just doesn't seem so at the time..What's that saying "You can please some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time but you cannot please all of the people all of the time...keep smiling as I'm sure you are :):):)I'll send you a few more smiles:):):)just incase you cannot find it in your heart to smile right now...
    Sherrie from Simpleliving :)

  2. I think family is more important than dance. Don't they have an understudy, what if she broke a leg or something...I know, think, you are just venting and hope you come up with an answer that keeps your family and you happy. Take care.



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