Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Boho Bedroom...twinkly lights and bedheads....

Source: A Beach Cottage

On my Tray of Bliss today, continuing ideas for my daughters Bohemian Gypsy Bedroom.

I picked up a wrought iron bedhead identical to this one pictured above for just $20 at a thrift shop, and I adore this idea of winding it with fairy lights. So twinkly and pretty....and fairy lights for $5 at KMart? Yes please!

....and how about this one for a really simple take on the whole Boho Bedroom idea. I'm loving the twig representation of a chandelier. Just goes to show you don't need to spend a lot, you just need imagination! I think I'd need Husbands help here, but you could certainly lay out some twigs in this star shape, and wind them together with wire. Perhaps some fairy lights wound around the twigs would be pretty?

Here's an utterly luscious interpretation of the canopy. Hung along the bed rather than over it, and using pretty pastel net, muslin or georgette, again, wrapped with fairy lights. I adore the white painted floor too.

What I love about these, is the monochromatic schemes. You don't have to be bold and brash to do boho.

Finally this one. Such an utterly simple idea. Some sheer white curtaining, hung on the wall, with a garland of fairy lights swagged behind.


What's on your Tray of Bliss today?


  1. How would you hang the curtains and fairy lights on the wall?

    1. I'd screw some cup hooks into the wall, then seat a piece of dowel in them. Some continuous curtaining would be threaded onto the rod, then the fairy lights strung behind, also hung from the rod. Hope that helps! Mimi xxx


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