Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Crown Jewels....

As a small child, I loved dressing up as The Queen. 

I'd use bed sheets and blankets to fashion my long trailing robes, and pin my Mums crystal or rhinestone necklaces into my hair as a crown. Like all little girls, I always hankered for Crown Jewels of my own, and lingered over the photos in my history books of Queen Elizabeth's fabulous collection of pretty things.

45 years later, and I'm still waiting to be a Queen, although I did marry my Prince. Maybe having him treat me like one is good enough...less responsibility.

Here's my crown jewels....bought on a trip to London, from the Kensington Palace gift shop, it's the closest I'll ever get.

My jewels, along with my little hound at my feet, I feel quite regal....and happy enough with that.

What's on your tray of bliss today?


  1. Honey please come grab the ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD that I am awarding A Tray Of Bliss~!




  2. Kimmie...ta darl!

    I've been unwell, so my poor blog has been neglected :(

    All happy now though.


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