Monday, July 18, 2022

Staying sane in insane times....

Okay, version of sanity, may not be yours. 

But I tell you what, sane is what I am, despite the Universe conspiring to make me otherwise. And I'm not talking about international events, because, well...I can't do anything about that, other than stay sane at my end. It's a truth often ignored.

My sanity is in retreating to creativity. My creativity may not be yours either, but I can highly recommend a spot of beading, baking, stitching, or outside of home, wandering through an art gallery, such as the National Gallery of Victoria, where daughter and I visited a little moment ago, to admire Chanel garments up close. Yes, I love a good thrift store as much as the next gal, but you don't stumble upon this sort of craftsmanship there. Another truth.

I also recommend, as it says in my bio, where I mention that I simply can NOT ignore a bit of bling, play with LOTS of bling, fashioning a Dolce & Gabbana-esque shift dress, pictured above. I've been meaning to finish this one for, well, ashamedly, yeeeeaaars. Life got in the way. Even Covid lockdowns did not see me beating a path to sparkledom. There were other fish to fry...figuratively and literally.

Chanel being out of my price range, garment-wise, I content myself with locally manufactured type pretties, and embellish with vintage inspired accessories. 

Aforementioned beading below. This was a pretty necklace, that I didn't wear because it was too wide for my chest. I pulled it apart, refashioned it, and behold! Wearable art. This is the tattoo I would get if I was the tattoo type....which I most certainly am NOT. know....

A bit of fun and frippery happening on my style account on Instagram. That one is @elderstylish if you're inclined to follow. No baking and budgeting on that one. Sheer fluff and nonsense abounds, I promise.

This outfit was for a Twinning Challenge with a fellow individually stylish person. We were channelling a bit of Rockabilly and Grease. Life's honestly, truly, too short, to be serious all the time. It was fun! Having FUN is just what the doctor ordered to stay sane in insane times.

Mostly though, you know me, it's dresses with cute bags and scarves that feature in day-to-day life. Goodness if life is short, I'm going out in all my finery and frou-frou, thanks very much!

But fear not! I'm not just maintaining sanity by piling on the frippery. Non!

Lasagna by the yard, still features regularly... do wee cake-lets made up out of my brain. 

I tell you, it's my mind, and my brain, and my thoughts (as mentioned by Jack Black in the film School of!), that supports my mission of sanity in insane times. Yours too?

And sometimes, just occasionally, if I want to sup on something other than homemade, yet lack the means for silver service, I don't mind a humongous bowl of Apple Cinnamon porridge, with lashings of brown sugar, cream, and a side of frothy coffee. Yes, I could do that at home. For mere cents. But sometimes I like to be served. Better breakfast than dinner in terms of dollars!

What are you doing to stay sane?

Waving and blowing a kiss to you all.



  1. I found your blog while looking for some new frugal but fun activities and I am slowly reading through it. I find limiting my new consumption and looking into creative ideas to be the most helpful in these insane times. I am also trying to use our summer to get a little more active. Going to the pool and walking.

    1. Amy thankyou for visiting and Welcome! I hope you find much here that is useful. I'd say look at recipes and bulk cooking, and also routines and habits generally. There's lots here on those topics. You'll see tabs at the top that might help you find what you need. Creativity and limiting consumption are a huge step, and I couldn't agree more that fitness on the whole, makes you more productive in your day. Let me know if I can be of any particular help. Mimi xxx

    2. Also my budgeting and insourcing posts might be particularly useful. Have fun!

  2. Hi Mimi, my happy places are making memories with the grandkids, garden & preserving what I grow. There is nothing more satisfying than having them out in the veggie patch, eating fruit straight from the tree & grabbing raw carrots/peas/beans & then teaching how to preserve them in different ways.
    The pride on their faces when they present their parents with a jar of jam to go with the damper they made is awesome.
    It takes you away for a short while from the ongoing worry & 24/7 care of my husband. Can't wait for this season to start.
    Love to you & yours x

    1. Ps wasn't supposed to be anonymous
      Cheers Nicole Shean

    2. Hello much fun! You sound like my Nanna (who I constantly try to emulate!). I know that 24/7 care can be very draining. I hope that you have some good supports around you. Love to you, as always. Mimi xxx


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