Friday, January 7, 2022

Living well in challenging times #3....Control the things you can....

We all thought 'this' would go away once we were vaccinated, didn't we. 'This' being the Covid craziness. The mask-wearing, the staying-in, the missed family events, the just plain silliness and sadness and frustration of it all.

It's worn thin, am I right?

For our part, we don't watch the news much any more. We've more or less taken matters into our own hands. By which I mean, we're triple vaccinated, we wear masks everywhere, we hand sanitise, check-in, social distance and generally otherwise behave like hermits, because frankly, that suits us. That's pretty much our personal preference.

I am struggling to find a reason to be angst-ridden any more. I think this might just be life on Planet Earth for the foreseeable future, whether that's 5 months, 5 years or 50. I've always been the person that just goes 'okay, problem, where's the solution', and then just dealt. What, honestly, is the point of doing otherwise??

We just control what we can, and ignore the rest. Why is that so hard for some folk?

Here's what we can control:

Watching (or rather NOT watching) the news.
Finding new ways to amuse ourselves, lockdown or no lockdown.
Finding new ways to 'travel', coz, you know. we LOVE to travel, but can't for now.
Finding new ways to connect with family and friends.
Ensuring a well stocked pantry, so that when supply chains fail, we do not have to panic-buy.
Just being a bit Zen, for want of a better word. What will be, will be.

We enjoyed a lovely Christmas in Middle Sons apartment building in 2021. What a delight. And an event that wouldn't have transpired had not Covid intervened. He only lives where he is, in part, due to impacts of Covid. What a view, seen above, and what a beautiful day we had. Travel pangs satiated. 

That avocado salad, pictured at top of this post was lipsmackingly delicious. Restaurants? Who needs 'em?

For my part, finding a new craft and gift making skill was paramount, and how cute are these Resin bangles I made with supplies found on Amazon...above using cake sprinkles, below using crushed boiled sweets.

I took my appearance seriously, even when in lockdown, and certainly when out and about. Wearing a mask, for me, meant Power Accessorising in other ways. I cannot tell you how many strangers smiled at me, or struck up a conversation with me due to my brooches, earrings, rings and necklaces. It brought joy to them and to me.

I nested at home. A lot. A very lot. I persuaded Husband to build mantelpieces and rearranged, and moved furniture, and repurposed. When we were kids, we used to rearrange our bedrooms during holidays, just for fun. It was a no brainer for decluttering too!

Pinterest, ever the friend of the crafter, inspired the silk orchid arrangement above. Thanks Pinterest. I had everything on hand. I just needed to put it all together.

We ate and continue to eat, a good deal of vegetarian food. Growing a few herbs and soft leafy things, and having dried pulses and beans on hand meant that a mouthwatering meal is always available. Even carnivorous Husband is now a convert. We sleep better, feel better, and we've both lost weight. Above, Split Pea and vegetable soup topped with home made coconut yoghurt. Below, Herbed Vegetable and Ricotta Texas sized Muffins. Yum.

This mindset is not new to me. From a very young age, I intuited that the world was not always the way we wish, and that the only way to navigate it, was to manage your expectations, control what you can, and ignore the rest. But certainly the last two years have tested that mindset stingingly.

I struggle somedays too. As I'm sure do you. But if you just breathe, turn inward, and make home the haven, it's not all bad. Really.

How have you navigated the tough times over the last two years?



  1. Ahhh.......... I hear you loud and clear.

    The thing I miss most is travel but despite the awfulness that was 2021 - Covid + personal loss, we still managed no fewer than 5 trips. Canberra for a family wedding, SA for a friend's milestone birthday, Central Australia with sister and brother-in-law, western Queensland road trip and 1770 with friends.

    Like you, we are continuing to make improvements to our home. I am gently encouraging my husband in creating a mini mudroom in a corner of the workshop which is adjacent to the access to the internal staircase. I will share all of the details when it is completed. :)

    1. Yes, you're spot on there Yvonne. 'Travel' can take many forms. We too, are enjoying exploring home as if we were tourists. Good luck on the mud room! Mimi x

  2. I love your bee and your rose brooches! I agree we can cook, nest, enjoy. There sure have been a lot of lies and broken promises and I not longer believe a word "they" say. The vaccine is working so well we just heard the local hospital is closing down until further notice. Our stocked pantry, frozen meals, garden, a zillion craft projects... well I am glad of these. I am so glad your daughter sounds to be doing well.xxxx

    1. Annabel, so much has changed, and yet, for us, nothing has changed. The quiet life suits us I think. The only thing I miss is planning a nice trip, but that time will come again. I am grateful for the trips we've already had, and truly, if we could never go again, I'd be content. Daughter is off and running and we are so proud of her. Things look well for you too, and I know your Dad would be so proud of you too. Mimi xxx

  3. Your mindset is great Mimi - but I do have to say that we didn't ever think this 'thing' would miraculously go away just becuause we were vaccinated - no, not even once, did that enter my mind - I knew we were in for the long term. However, we just 'get on with it', live in our own little bubble as much as possible, although do make sure we mingle enough safely (or as safely as possible with masks and hygeine) to boost our immune systems, we make do, eat well, have a good stockpile, keep up the house maintenance - we can still go out for a long drive and take a picnic lunch if we so wish, we can do pretty much all that we need to do for a satisfying lifestyle. Who can believe anything 'they' tell us anyway. Phhttt, covid - who needs it? Cheers, Pam

    1. Pam, boosting the immune system is so important. Veggies, fruit, a healthy lifestyle, all achieve so much, and medicine cannot be the be-all and end-all. I'm with you. A 'satisfying lifestyle' remains the aim. Mimi xxx

  4. We all need to learn from this experience. I really miss travelling but our own back yard has always been awesome ... even more so now! Love to you and yours from NZ to AUS. Xxx

    1. Hi DeeJay. Yes 'home' is always awesome, right? Love back at you. Mimi

  5. Such a lovely post! I still do have worries- my daughter is 7.5, and while she's fully vaccinated with two shots, I don't want her getting a breakthrough case (and here in the US, things are...not great. 139 cases in her school district this week, with 45 reported over the break). As a parent, trying to figure out what to do to keep my kiddo safe is really, really tough.

    For me, I've adjusted and continue to adjust as life demands it. I have a schedule that I follow every day that allows me to get both my housework done and have time for enjoyment. I'm doing a lot of reading-that's not new!- and doing a lot of exercise at home as well- Pilates, yoga, riding my exercise bike, going for walks when it's warm out, and even resorting to walking laps around my house when temperatures fall to bone-chilling cold! I've also attended a lot of online meetings and lectures; those help feed my need to learn and see people, even if it's not quite the same thing as attending in person.

    This is tough, but people have lived through tough times in history before. We can, too. :)

    1. Stephanie, yes...I worry about the littlies too. Such a confusing time, not just because of the virus, but because of all the restrictions. So hard for them to understand! I agree...we're not doing it tough at all, compared to previous generations who lived through wars and turmoil. Mimi xxx

  6. Well Mimi, here in Queensland it is like the pandemic is just starting due to our borders being shut until just before Christmas. Since then COVID has spread like wildfire as hundreds of thousands of people have crossed the border from down south and many are relocating to Queensland as well. We have lived COVID free for so long it is a bit of a shock. Just as well I am not much of a socialite these days and normally spend most of my time at home. Love your jewellery ❤️

    1. Yes Chel, I'm in Queensland too. It's a worry. But I think it's inevitable that we will ALL contract this virus at some stage. I'm just hoping it's a weaker strain. I think we're in it for the long haul, that's for sure. Mimi

  7. Words of wisdom Mimi. Loved seeing your photo! I love knowing the face of the lady who's writing to me. It seems so much friendlier, doesn't it?

    Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage,


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