Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Getting ahead while you're getting ahead....

This year...it's flown! I bet it has for you as well.
In news here, son number 2 married.
I made a cream puff tower, seen above.
And paraded in a burgundy dress, seen below.
Both a raging success.

Another burgundy dress was sourced. This one $30 at a thrift store. A Christmas dress for The Diva.

I thrifted other things as is my way.
A chinoiserie jewel box, with sweet diorama completely intact...$3 if you please.

I made Neenish Tarts, an Aussie invention that is part jam tart, part cream tart and completely delicious. I took them to work. I was VERY popular.

More thrifted eye candy. Beautiful kimono. $7. I love op shops.

Here's a close up of those cream puffs. A tour de force, I tell you.

Of course, one does not survive on cream puffs alone.
Here's a vege frittata that I rustled up for lunches. Must have ones greens, right?

Meanwhile two granddaughters requested cakes in the form of pets.
Hence a puppy in pink...

..and a bandido kitty in black and white.

Pink gerberas were planted in memory of lost loved ones. It was one of those years.

 One pot dinners are all the rage at Chez Mimi. What's not to like about layering stuff in a dish, whacking it the oven and enjoying? This one was goooood.
A golfers 40th birthday cake. All good until a small child asked why there was a cauliflower on the cake. I never said I was a pro. Cake, golf or otherwise.

 This one is more my style. Raspberry cake. One bowl, one pan. Another time I was popular at work.

I'd love to stay longer, but time is short these days! I miss you all!
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  1. Oh, Mimi! You have shown me up. I have written blog post in 2 weeks and don't even have the excuse of a full-time job any longer.

    I think part of my problem is that I have been writing the blog for over 8 years now and I feel that I am repeating content. I need to get some fresh ideas. :)

  2. Mimi, what a year you have had! I am glad you are still having your greens though. LOL! Good to hear from you.

  3. Congrats on the wedding and I love the pretty dresses. The cakes and cream puffs look amazing and you are such a talented baker. The pink flower is pretty and hope you have a nice spring!

  4. Mimi, I read your blog regularly, and I am in awe still. Figuring out how to juggle work outside the home, and work inside the home is tough, and after many years I'm still not satisfied that the juggle is right. Your blog gives me some hope that it is possible not to lose one's sanity whilst trying to do "it all" - thank you. And that one pot meal looks divine. Don't suppose you have a moment to share the recipe/ingredients?

  5. Excited to see you post, thank you! Congratulations on your son's wedding. I second the request for one - pot meal recipes, when you can. I know you are busy - thanks for the update! Be well! Allison

  6. Well hello Mimi, so glad to see a delightful post from you! Congrats on your son’s marriage, and my heavens is that dress fabulous on you! What deals you find!! And the food you create! All your cooking and baking just inspire me. Lovely to hear a recap of your year, and also so sorry to hear about lost loved ones. Glad you are posting again, we missed you!! Hugs from USA , Teresa.

  7. Great to see you blogging again. A year has flown by indeed. My eyes lit up at the kimono. I went to Japan this year and of course the kimonos in the museums and in the shops are just gorgeous. You've had a very busy and productive year. Well done. Love Janiebabe


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