Sunday, February 24, 2019

Homespun Things....getting on with it...

You might imagine that all is fairy dust and sparkles at Chez Mimi now that the fountain of economic reward is spouting at a lively pace...that means I'm earning nicely, folks.
I'd like to say it's all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, but the truth is, that some days I'm tired.
But then....I had days where I was tired before, so really...nothing changes.
So as has always been my habit, I insource.
I insourced diced and roasted veg for lunch salads this week....behold!
I insourced garlic chicken breasts too. Healthy stuff, I'm telling you.

The fridge had a makeover and a fillup of goodies. Don't be fooled by the commercial coconut yoghurt container. It's still my own recipe. I just use their container to fool the family....bwahahaha!

I'm lining up lasagnas every second weekend. They save us from the evil takeaway outlets. Why make one lasagne when you can make three, I ask you?

I'm finding time for creative pursuits that entail sitting still.
Embroidering wattle on facecloths is the current project. This is all French Knots and bullion stitch. Such pretty things.

The Struggling Student, aka The Diva, learned a valuable lesson, trotting out three hand crafted candles for about $3 each the other weekend. She swears she'll never buy another premade one!

Granddaughter requested a pink puppy dog cake for her seventh birthday.
Naturally I obliged.

Alas all has not been well for The Struggling Student. She truly has been struggling with a bout of Glandular Fever. Poor love. Thankfully she's recovered just in the nick of time in order to commence studies at her artsy performance university. Phew!
Meanwhile it was Mamas chicken broth and noodles for several days. Did you know that Glandular Fever is often misdiagnosed as Tonsillitis. Truth. That's what we thought she had.

Anways...she's on the mend.
Meanwhile I celebrated the last of my birthdays in my fifth decade.
Lunch was here. Rather nice, I have to say.

I made heart shaped cakes for my birthday. Well, nobody else will.

We enjoyed gluten free agnolotti for lunch over the weekend. Don't ask me for that recipe. I bought ready made. Quelle Horreur, right?

The work crew have discovered I can cook things. So here's what they're getting tomorrow. It's a raspberry coconut cheesecake slice. Yumbo…

...and not one, but two!

Have I mentioned that there's a wedding in the family this year? My stubbornly monogamous, but altar-shy middle son, finally did the right thing. You're a good boy.
I'm eyeing off headgear like nobody's business. When else does one get to frock up AND wear a fancy head thingo??

What's happening in your corner of the world?


  1. In my temporary neck of the woods which is St Helens caravan park, I am relaxing with a cip of green tea after a long day of driving and walking various tracks. Today I saw the widest tree living in Australia! In four nights' time we will be back on the Spirit of Tasmania doing a slow re-entry into mainland living 😄. Been insourcing as we go in a fashion in a way yet we've also lusourced as we went too!

  2. I am always happy when you post Mimi, as soon as I see one I am off to read! Always plenty of inspiration and seeing your lasagna it reminded me to get some of those alufoil dishes to do the same. Love the headgear and can see you wearing one of those with your fabulous dress and pearl earrings and maybe a necklace with just one of those pearl tear drops on it. My vertigo is getting under control with the new medication so have been able to work 2 out of 3 days last week and aiming for 3 this coming week which will be really good for the bank account.

  3. I love how you are juggling everything. You must feel tired but you are planning ahead. Good for you. This weekend I have helped make a big batch of spaghetti and meatballs. Tonight there are two huge beef olives in the oven. One will easily feed both of us. So I will have some meals for those times I just don't want to cook.

    Thank you for your inspiration.

  4. love the hat Mimi. I have joked with both DD's that they can't get married until I find the perfect hat to wear. DD#1 was supposed to get married yesterday but due to the ill health of 3 of her 4 children and financial problems it has been postponed. And I still haven't found the perfect hat, though this wedding was going to be in our garden, so a semi formal one would do.
    p.s. I love wearing hats and do at every opportunity.

  5. I love reading your blog. My days off now after working my 7 nights straight. Today I put a loaf on. Was going to cook a beef stroganoff but the steak is too tough. So the dogs can enjoy it. Ordered in pizza from a good place.

  6. Congratulations on your son getting engaged! And your birthday!! I really love the line up of lasagnas and am planning to do the same. It is something I havent made since I moved yet I used to make many! I am collecting crystal containers with lids to have a candle making session too, for my gift cupboard! They look just lovely! Very good gift! With love,

  7. Happy Birthday (a little late)..I also make my own cake if I want to (no one else will). I'm glad your daughter is on the mend..there is nothing like chicken noodle soup.

  8. I'm so glad I found your blog. Your style of writing makes me smile as well as inspires. I like the word "in-sourcing." I'm going to use it also. Thank you for the reminder of roasted veggies & garlic chicken. Tomorrow (always on a Monday) my boss-lady & I are starting (again) our healthy eating plans. 2 months until Easter and I want a new pretty Spring dress. But not on this too-fluffy Winter body. In my world, we had a major winter storm/blizzard yesterday & last night. 9+" of snow that blew and drifted. The Farmer went out early to feed the cattle and then took the tractor out to scoop out our driveway and the neighbors. We just got a call that another neighbor brought his tractor & snowblower down the hill and opened up the road. I guess we'll go to work tomorrow. I'll scoop out the patio off the basement doorway this afternoon and will be making the Farmer his favorite meal of Chili Soup & cornbread.
    Kay in Nebraska, USA

  9. You are keeping busy, Mimi. Happy belated birthday! I am glad your girl has recovered in time for Uni. Our son had glandular fever but we didn't know as it just showed up that he had had it in a blood test. Obviously his symptoms weren't severe.

  10. Mother of the Groom! That will be exciting for you. I helped my sister twice to find her mother of the bride outfits. The first time took all day and was like the montage from 27 dresses from the sublime to the ridiculous but she found a lovely dress on a half price sale and the second time we/me found 'the dress' in about 10 minutes but still we looked at the other

    My insourcing was to provide a lovely strawberry shortcake to a birthday lunch get together which involved some catering costs but they were happy for me to bring this cake which dropped the price by around $12.00 per head for that course.

    I purchased the large springform pan a few years ago from an opportunity store for $2.00 (it makes a double quantity) so the cake looks very impressive and expensive but in reality the cost was about $7 all up.

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the wedding.
    Love Janiebabex


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