Tuesday, January 1, 2019

A new year, a new plan....

" I counted my years and discovered that I have
less time to live going forward than I have lived until now.

I have more past than future.
I feel like the child who received a bowl of candies.
The first ones, ate ungracious,
but who then realized there were only a few left,
so began to taste them deeply.

I want to surround myself with people,
who know how to touch the hearts of people ….
People to whom the hard knocks of life,
taught them to grow with softness in their soul.

Yes …. I am in a hurry … to live with intensity,
that only maturity can bring.
I intend not to waste any part of the goodies
I have left …
I'm sure they will be more exquisite,
than most of which so far I've eaten.

My goal is to arrive to the end satisfied and in peace
with my loved ones and my conscience.
I hope that your goal is the same,
because either way you will get there too .. "
Mário de Andrade
As I enter the final year of my fifth decade, I thought it appropriate to share this poem.
My Mother was only blessed with five decades and three weeks before she was called Home.
I feel confident that my path will be different, but nonetheless, time grows short for us all at some stage, and as the poem says, I intend not to waste any part I have left.
This year at A Tray of Bliss will be different in some ways.
I am working full time, so my blogging and creative time is more limited. I find myself turning to Photo driven methods of staying in touch. Instagram is quick and easy, and often conveys the moment or the message, so perhaps you'd like to follow me there...
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Facebook is not my own preferred communication, however many of you have chosen to communicate with me there, so there I shall remain for now. I rarely post on the main page, as I have a closed group that allows members to view daily posts, and add their own posts in privacy.
To join that group, you'll need to go to the main page, and request that I add you. You can find that main page here...
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You will see me here fortnightly for sure, and more often if I can manage it, so stay tuned.
My plan is to approach 2019 with purpose, a plan. I do love a good plan.
Here are my themes for the year ahead...
Home is where the Heart is
A Space of Our Own
Sew Along
Accessories Maketh the Wardrobe
Getting On With It...the Working Girls Insourcing
As always, I can only write what I live, and those six categories pretty much sum up life around here these days. I wonder if they sum up your life too?
Let's spend 2019 together, arriving at the end of the year, satisfied and in peace with our loved ones and our consciences.


  1. Love that excerpt Mimi! Yes 2019 is for me also a year to plan and achieve some travel goals. Nothing like having more years behind oneself than in front to get one going! All that whilst still changing our home into a home with peace, calm and tranquillity at its centre for me and mine. Continuing decluttering and rearranging objects and life therefore remains key for that aim. Thank you for continuing to provide us all with support and inspiration :) <3 Lynda in Port Mac

    1. Dear Lynda, here I am three months after your comment and only just now responding. Such is life at the moment! Yes I loved this too, and it really speaks to me at this stage of my life. Peace and tranquillity remain an aim for me as well. We do what we can towards that daily. I hope your plans are coming to fruition. Mimi xxx

  2. Looking forward to reading up on your life experiences when you post them Mimi. Hope you and yours have a wonderful 2019.

  3. Mimi, I few years back at a workshop I was attending I wrote this in my workbook: My Soul Wisdom, "An average day at home is better than a terrific day at work." I am definitely a "Home is Where the Heart Is" person.

    I hope you have a terrific 2019 Mimi.

    1. Sherri, my epiphany this year is 'a terrific day at work can equal the best day at home'....at least in my job:) Mimi xxx

  4. It all sounds so good Mimi, I will be checking in often this year to learn more of your wisdom. I love the sound of those themes :)

    I can understand how you wont have as much time to blog, I don't work full time, and fail dismally at keeping my blog updated lol!

    Looking forward to reading more :)

    Happy New Year!

    Love Tania xxx

    1. Thankyou Tania. I've always appreciated your blog, and the experiences you bring to it. So, no, not 'failing' at all! Mimi xxx

  5. I hope the New Year finds you in good health and excellent spirit!

  6. Mimi:
    I am a decade ahead of you as I will be 70 in February. I feel much the same way and my husband and I talk about how we have our health today and we can't take anything for granted. I had to start walking to regain leg strength or else I would not be walking much at all. Yes, even on the cold days and with an umbrella. So, you have the right idea in regard to being THANKFUL. I find less people are interested in blogs. Facebook is quick and easy. Happy New Year!

    1. Dear Bernideen, I am so with you on this. Take NOTHING for granted. I'm glad you've rediscovered your strength in your leg. These little things can be so disabling! Wishing you love and strength for 2019. Mimi xxx

  7. Wishing you a beautiful 2019, and I look forward to hearing from you whenever you find time (which I know isn't easy when you're working full time!!!).

  8. Dear Mimi it sounds like we lost our mums at a similar age , mine was 53.The years pass and then out of the blue Mum seems to be around and reminding me of this and that , recently. Remember to look after yourself first, then family, work and us here. Take care ad Happy New year ! With love, Maria xxx

    1. Mums are always in our hearts, aren't they Maria. Yes sometimes out of the blue. Hoping 2019 has been kind to you so far. Mimi xxx

  9. Looking forward to your posts in 2019. I don't do facebook or instagram but hey, I will give it a go in 2019. I have travel plans (Japan), and leisure plans to achieve in 2019. Looking at joining a walking group and maybe doing Scottish Country Dancing and always working on my home, garden and family as my sanctuary. love Janiebabe

    1. Jane, when are you off to Japan. That's a bit exciting. I don't think I've ever met someone who hasn't been once and doesn't want to return. Enjoy! Mimi xxx

  10. I too am at the stage of life where, realistically, I have more years behind me than ahead of me. I am about your age, and am looking forward to following along! I've also come to really cherish the things that IG can offer to someone with a busy life! I found you via the blog roll on the side of A Day of Small Things. I hope to do a better job of living intentionally, in ways both big and small, in 2019.

    1. Hello Lynne. Thankyou for your lovely comment! I must go and thank A Day of Small Things for the mention too. Yes IG is so quick and easy, isn't it. Mimi xxx


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