Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Why you should learn to love scarves....

I have always loved scarves. Even when it was not particularly fashionable to love them, and I was a young career girl, I loved them. Maybe it's my European heritage, but scarves just seem to add class and elegance to an outfit, be they slung casually around the shoulders, swathed around the neck and fastened with a knot or a scarf ring, or knotted to the handles of a bag.
Of course, if you love scarves, then you have to love the ultimate scarf, the Hermes. Oh, how I wish my budget allowed me to indulge in more than one of these gorgeous things every once in a while.
This one at the top of my post, is one of my Hermes-like purchases. Once you get to know which Hermes designs you like, and which colourways, you can scout for similar ones in department stores and thrift stores. The real deal would have set me back over $400. My lookalike, was just $7.50.

Real (and real expensive) Hermes above...
...copycat and inexpensive, below...

..worn here with a nautical striped Summer shift, Hermes-a-like scarf ring (more on that in a moment), and (real) Baroque pearl earrings...
This shift without the scarf, just looks blah. Frumpy and dowdy. However the scarf alters the very ordinary high and round neckline, giving the illusion of a more flattering V, the light colour brings attention to the face, especially paired with the pearl earrings, and the long tails give a long and lean look, that negates the widening effect of the nautical stripe. Worn with the scarf, pearl earrings, and some wedge heels, it's a nice look for shopping locally.
This scarf below was my first Hermes. I studied hard, so I knew what to look for in a genuine Hermes scarf, because gosh, there's some charlatans out there.
A few tips if you want to invest in an Hermes scarf for yourself...
Hermes of course swear that the ONLY way to be certain you're buying a genuine Hermes, is to buy from them. That's okay if you can afford it. I cannot, or at least I cannot afford Hermes and all of the other pretty things I love...hehehe! I guess one day I might be able to prioritise a collection of Hermes scarves above all else.
My four Hermes purchases have all been online, and I've been successful in securing some gorgeous scarves for about one third of their retail value. This might be due to the colourway not being currently popular, or the design not appealing for whatever reason. Fortunately for me, I have eclectic tastes so I know when I am onto  a winner.
Hermes scarves have a hand rolled and hand stitched edge, folding towards the front.
Hermes scarves have a care label that says Made in Paris.
Hermes scarves always have an accent over the second e. So not HERMES printed like that. It's always with that little tick over the e between M and S.
It will always have a ©Hermes symbol on it, and will not say Hermes-Paris.
They will usually (post 1980s apparently) carry the artists signature somewhere in the design.
This one is titled Pierres d'Orient et d'Occident.
I love this one. It's so versatile and goes with just about any other colour in my wardrobe. I love the ornate nature of the design, and it's tigers eye looking border. Quite often the border is what stands out due to the way you fold them, so make sure the borders of your scarves are eye catching, Hermes or not.
The next one I purchased was this one called Farandole Butterflies. I love the buttery main colour and the pretty pastel details in this one. A gorgeous scarf for Spring.

 Having admired the look of this gorgeous (Hermes)  scarf and tassel pendant combo, I was then inspired to go searching for other luxury versions of The Designer Scarf.
I found Emma Shipley, who if you want my humble opinion, gives Hermes a run for their money...
This Beauty and the Beast version by Emma Shipley will set you back $270AUD. But don't you just LOVE it?
Somehow, the $19.99 version just doesn't stack up.
I guess if Beauty and the Beast is your thing, not luxury scarves, the $19.99 model might suit you perfectly! It's available here.
Here's another by Emma Shipley titled Sirens...swoon...$459AUD though...swooning is all I'll be doing, folks. But as art...wowsers...
Looking at those two though, I start to see a commonality emerging. I'm liking the graphic feel, the dark outlines, filled with a minimum of colour in these designs. It's almost a hand tinted Sepia look, isn't it? So now I know what to keep an eye out for in Scarf Buying Land, be it online, retail or thrifting. That's a good strategy.
Grace Kelly, after whom Hermes named a bag, for goodness sakes, was a scarf wearing Diva...

She even used an Hermes as a sling for her injured arm...
You can also wear them like this...almost like a cowl necked shirt...cheaper than buying lots of different shirts, and far more versatile. And you don't get too fat for scarves...hahahaha!
I like this idea too. How sweet..and you'd only need a $10 cami for this look.

I made this one from a remnant for under $10. I pair it with a vintage cocktail ring purchased for $6. You don't have to spend hundreds to have lovely scarves...

Recently enamoured with the idea of scarf rings, I found this Chanel look-a-like languishing at the bottom of a bowl of junk at my local thrift store...

The real deal looks like this one below...close enough for me, thankyou...

This gold one is a genuine Hermes scarf ring...
I found a more fun one that had similar etchings for $3 in the same bowl..
It looks like this with my genuine Hermes scarf. I know. The irony.

I loved this Hermes scarf ring with chevron like enamel...but not the price. A few hundred more dollars friends. I do not think so.
Instead I invested a further $3 (yes from the same bowl of tackiness), for this one here...
I think it's close enough for this suburban Mama...

 Here's that Hermes with the vintage cocktail ring and olive green linen dress...

It's a corker I tell you. Worth every single hard earned dollar of my, it was a gift.
I have two new scarves coming in the mail. One a vintage Hermes, and one an Hermes look-a-like. I'll share pics of those when they arrive.
In closing, here's ten good reasons to love scarves...
1. Dollar for dollar, they are better quality than a wardrobe full of dresses, skirts and other wardrobe staples. Three quality dresses and three shirts to wear with skirts and pants, and 15 scarves will give you at least 135 outfit combinations. 135 dresses may well set you back at least $13,500 at just $100 each. You could have a whole wardrobe of Hermes scarves and pair them with department store dresses in solid colours and look a million bucks every day of your life.
2. Scarves will always fit you.
3. You're never too old or too young to wear scarves.
4. You're never too fat or too thin to wear scarves.
5. You're never too poor to buy a nice scarf. One of my favourites cost me -50c.
6. Scarves come in every variety of fabric, colour, pattern and design. There's a scarf out there for everyone, including you!
7. Scarves are always in style.
8. Vintage scarves are a great way to get your scarf collection started for very little money.
9. Even the most expensive scarf, can potentially be a wardrobe staple for 60 years of your life, and become an heirloom, increasing in value, in the process.
10. They are a minimalists dream, taking up one drawer in your closet if you're lucky. Two at most.
Have I convinced you?


  1. Delightful post and photos as usual! I love scarves too. Within the past few months I have purchased three gorgeous and colorful scarves at thrift stores, for around $5.00 for all three. That's a huge bargain! I even was stopped by a well-dressed young woman at least half my age in a coffee shop asking where I'd purchased the scarf I had on. She told me that I looked totally on point. It really doesn't take a huge budget to look pulled together, does it?

    1. Dear Teresa, thankyou! I love that you found three perfect-for-you scarves for $5! Can't beat it, can you! And they take up so little wardrobe space. Perhaps that's why French women love them so much. Mimi xxx

  2. Thanks, but I don't need any encouragement: I already have an extensive collection of scarves, and many of them are silk! My problem is when to stop collecting. LOL

    1. Hahaha EMW...I'm envious! I agree...when does one stop? So many pretties, so little closet space. Mimi xxx

  3. Dear Mimi, Your scarves are beautiful! Such a luxury.
    I always get wonderful ideas from your posts.
    Something new to look for in the Thrift shops, scarf rings. I have purchased many scarves at the thrifts, I have one in particular that is teal and black that reminds me of a peacock and I always receive compliments on it, little do they know!

    1. Dear Laurie, I'm happy to provide inspiration and encouragement for buying scarves! They can be budget friendly OR luxurious, and really, half the time nobody else can tell the difference between the two. Love the sound of the teal and black scarf. Teal suits everyone I think. Mimi xxx

  4. What a lovely post, sweet Mimi :) I, too, love scarves so this post was right up my alley {{smiles}} My husband "lovingly" says I have a giraffe neck {it's just long/tall} so scarves seem to fit well, if that makes sense.

    I love the photo of you with the black and white scarf and the plum-colored necklace and purse. What a stunning look!

    Thinking of you, dear one. Hugs!

    1. Dear Stephanie, how lovely to have a visit from you. Yes, I envisage you in scarves with your lovely long silhouette. Alas that photo is not me, but rather some other lovely lady in plum. It's a fabulous look though, isn't it? Thinking of you fondly, always. Mimi xxx

  5. Lovely article, Mimi however I'm still not convinced they're for me.

    I have very large breasts and work hard to ensure there's no clutter around my top in order not to make them look any bigger :)

    I recently moved house and donated what scarves I had to the local op shop. I love what you have shown but I think I'll leave scarves alone for now. Maybe one day I'll find the best way for me to wear them.

    1. Yes, that is perhaps one body type that may not wear scarves well, although it depends how you wear them too. I saw many stylish ladies in Paris and Bordeaux who were more ample in the bosom, wearing scarves curled around their neckline, and tucked inside their shirts or dresses. I think the key is NOT to have dangling tails, or as you say, you're adding bulk. Good point. Love, Mimi xxx

  6. Dear mimi , I love scarves too , DD can't understand why I wear so many haha I said because when my hair is up my neck feels cold and that's the truth if it plus I love the colours patterned and feel of scarves .
    Love the ones above and scarf rings .
    Influenced by you I bought two silky satin feel Hermes look squares not sure yet if I'll gift them or wear .
    Been enjoying your frock escapades too hehe .
    Love Maria xxx

    1. Dear Maria, I love that I never have to ask 'does my butt look fat in this scarf?'! You've done well to find two lovely Hermes-a-like scarves. Well

  7. I've actually given away a lot of scarves recently. I keep receiving them because I'm chemo bald. I cannot keep them on my head. I hadn't thought of keeping them for around my neck! Silly me.
    Thanks for this great inspiring article.
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

    1. Dearest Laura, given the circumstances, you may well be glad to never have to look at another scarf! I hope you are holding your own with the treatment dear lady. Mimi xxx

  8. Laura, Best wishes to you.
    I find it very difficult to part with scarves. I have a particular op shop where I've made my best finds and it can a long time between scarves but worth the wait. Thanks for making a feature of scarves - you have some beautiful ones and congratulations on the Hemmes.
    Janiebabe x

    1. Yes Janie, there’s a lot of VERY ordinary scarf-ness out there. A good scarf is worth half a dozen dresses I think :)

  9. I love the IDEA of scarves but as a rather busty lady I find it difficult to wear them with style. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Mel my lovely! A few tips: Look for fine thin fabrics like silk and silk chiffon to avoid adding bulk. Wear simply draped as seen above with the burgundy Hermes and tassel necklace to add a lean look, or with tails hanging if your scarf is a long one. Tie a knot in the ends of thicker or wider scarves to reduce bulk around the bustline. Use strategically placed tying techniques or scarf rings to help your scarf sit flat above your bust rather than voluminous around your bust. Avoid scarves that add bulk or volume at chest level. I hope that’s helpful. Lovely to see you! Mimi xxx

  10. I havent been a fan of scarves, living in hot, sweaty, casual Darwin I didnt think they would fit in well. However I just love the scarf attached to the cami, that would work really well. I also have a couple of pieces of real silk that I could make into scarves. Did you machine sew your scarf? What a great idea! Thanks for a great post Mimi

    1. Hi Sue! Yes that idea is a winner for hot climates! Yes I machine stitched my scarf, so Thankyou. Pleased you found my post illuminating xxx


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