Friday, September 23, 2016

Motherly Advice....would you be prepared for a hospital stay?

We are approaching our usual storm season at the moment where I live, and we are bombarded with advertisements to 'be prepared'. Having lived here my entire life, we have learned to 'be prepared' for storm season. It's second nature.
Something I learned recently however, is that we are not always prepared for other unexpected events in life.
A friend of mine was hospitalised recently.
She's home now, but you wouldn't believe what a pressure this unexpected confinement introduced into their lives. Apart from the very obvious worry for her and her family, it transpired that she had no sleepwear suitable for public viewing being a trackpants and tshirts for pyjamas kinda gal, and no toiletries that were not currently in use by the family.
Her husband was entrusted with the task of remedying the situation, and whilst you might imagine that husbands would be good at buying their wives sleepwear, judging by how that's so often marketed for Mothers Day, under duress, it's not that easy. What size, what sort of fabric, what colour, pants and tops or nightgowns, what size slippers...these were all the kinds of decisions he had to make, without the relevant information at hand.
He also had to buy toiletries of all kinds, likewise without knowing what he was doing many husbands really know our preferred toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, deodorant and so on. And of course, when you're unwell, the familiar becomes so important.
He managed, but his wallet was several hundred dollars lighter for the experience, which did not help anyones state of mind at the time.
This got me thinking that first of all, my husband would not have a clue if this were to happen to us. I have very particular taste in sleepwear, toiletries and general items of comfort, and the poor man would not know where to begin.
And secondly, with Christmas coming up, could I use this idea to generate some gifts for friends and family?
My list might include hair care items including hair ties and clips, like these...

Some pretty nightgowns would be absolutely essential, and I have a collection of patterns, both my own vintage ones and ones I've found on eBay or in thrift stores. Sleepwear styles do not change much from one decade to the next, and these styles remain comfortable and attractive even given their 30+ age...

Even a style like this one below, is surprisingly easy to construct, and even when you're ill, it's empowering to have a pretty nightgown...
Pharmacies always have little miniatures of toiletries available, and even samples can be a handy thing, and are given away routinely upon request in some pharmacies and department stores.
Imagine a gift that included a pretty nightgown (or two), some facewashers and a favourite soap, a dry shampoo and hair care items, toothbrush and toothpaste, lip balm, hand cream, light makeup items, and all presented in an adorable drawstring bag. Pretty, useful and welcome for anyone of any age.
I'm off to start mine now!
What would you add to your emergency care kit?
My Five Star Frou-Frou Linkup is a neverending linkup, with a feature each time I post.
Todays feature is Nellie from Nellies Cozy Place and her Thankful posts make me smile each and every time. I'm thankful today that it's not me going to hospital unexpectedly!
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  1. Great thoughts. I am sure my hubby would not have a clue either! Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Lynn, poor husbands. It's not something they expect to have to deal with, is it! Have a gorgeous week. Mimi xxx

  2. Going to hospital in an emergency has crossed my mind, Mimi...not that I am sick at all. My husband wouldn't have a clue what to pack or even who my doctor is as I rarely go to the doctor. I have been thinking that I should have something decent on hand just in case but it makes me feel like my sister who always has her hospital bag packed and she is nearly 80! So I have put it off. What you suggested would be a very thoughtful gift though I must say.

    1. Chel, I guess that's the thing. We all imagine hospital=sick. It's not always the case. Think injury, accident, unexpected health all 'happens to someone else'. What happens when it's us? It's a sobering thought! Love, Mimi xxx

  3. Having grown up with a mother who had a hospital bag at the ready you would think that I would have one but no I don't. I think I saw her bag just stay at the top of the wardrobe and nothing was ever gone through so to me it was a waste.

    With storm season approaching and living in an area that gets cut off I have mentioned to my husband that I need to carry some things in the car, just in case so I will work on the hospital bag after Christmas when the roads are busy and I prefer to stay home.

    Post Christmas sales may help with a few things for the bag.

    Make a friend of your Avon Lady and ask for some samples to pop in the bag.

    A small purse with some change in for the paper of a packet of mints will not go astray.

    Hospitals can be hot one minute and then cold the next so something to drape around your shoulders whilst in bed or over the top of the dressing gown when up is also a good inclusion.

    Don't forget the herbal tea that you prefer.

    Remember to pack some bags for the washing to go home in.

    And the best tip of all is probably to not only tell your other half where the bag is but to make sure that it is clearly labeled.


    1. Lynette, yes I guess that's the other extreme. Although, good for her that she didn't need it! Those are all great tips, thankyou. I'm working on nightgowns today. I hope I'm not inviting! Mimi xxx

  4. Hi Mimi,
    As we get older these are good things to realize, cause you just never know.
    I try to make sure I keep my hair washed and looking good and take a shower every night, to be on the safe side. Have to say it is a horror
    thought to me, as we have a number of guys that used to be in our youth
    and college group that are paramedics to our area, and the thought of one of them
    having to come take care of me if something was to happen that we had
    to call an really hard to think about!! lol
    There I said it now maybe it want loom so large in my
    Isn't it hysterical the crazy thoughts that run thru our

    But this is a great idea, and could be handy even if you had to go to
    someone house to take care of them or any emergency where you had to pick
    up and go quickly................maybe some magazines would be nice. lol
    and some change for snacks as well.

    Thanks for your great advice.....just shows we can learn from watching I doubt my hubby would know everything either..........
    some maybe..........

    Ahhh, thanks for featuring my blog this week......You are so sweet...
    appreciate that very much.
    Have a wonderful weekend sweetie,
    Love and Blessings,

    1. Nellie, you made me laugh with your friends, the Paramedics. I'm pretty sure they don't care, but still, I feel your angst! The things we worry about! Thanks for the visit Sweetness! Mimi xxx

  5. Mimi my husband had to go for a very major 10 hour surgery recently. I told him you need a bathrobe. He said I have a bathrobe. I said that is winter you need summer, I also told him he needed elastic waist pants and he said he could wear his plaid ones home. As he was lying in bed he said you know you were right about the bathroom and pants. That's when I punched him - only kidding. I thank God every day for Yale Smilow Cancer Hospital because they saved his life and he went home wearing his elastic pants and slip on shoes I also made him buy.

    1. I know what you mean. My darling sleeps in a tshirt. That's it. Now THAT could be awkward in a hospital situation! What can you! That's lovely that the hospital helped your darling man. Mimi xxx

  6. You are so right about this! I had a similar situation last year with no decent gown, no handy packed bag of needed personal care items. My husband didn't go buy anything but I do have a basket at bedside and on my side of the sink so he was able to pull my items from there. As for the nightie, I had to stick with a hospital gown due to leads on me throughout the stay. But yes, it is worth thinking over. I just thought through what my husband should need if he had to go to hospital...This is a good idea for men, too!

    1. Terri, isn't it funny that we don't think it will ever be 'us'. This is a great idea to have a basket at hand too. And yes....for the fellas! Mimi xxx

  7. I have not long gotten my husband home after a month in hospital. He doesn't wear pjs so we had nothing when he was admitted through Emergency. He was then transferred, with ten minutes notice, to a hospital 300km south. He went with the clothes he had been wearing when admitted. I had to find and purchase various items and take these on a long car trip down to him. We didn't even have a bag that was appropriate. Our daughter had a sports bag in the back of her car that I gave a quick clean up. We had not long gotten back from a caravanning trip so had a bathroom bag ready to go. We now have an emergency hospital bag for him and a packed overnight bag for me.
    Mimi this was a very timely post.

    1. Ah, Jane. Yes precisely. None of us think we're going to be sick enough for a hospital admission, but as I mentioned above, what about injury, accident or other health complications like the removal of an appendix?? It's worth thinking about! Mimi xxx

  8. I've suddenly been admitted to the hospital a few times. My husband has done a great job for me, but I can understand that some may not.
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

    1. Laura, I think most husbands would do their best. But if we don't plan ahead, it leaves little for them to work with, I think. You are lucky indeed, Sweetie. Mimi xxx

  9. Since my husband travels a lot, he keeps a separate set of everything in his toiletry bag (especially contact lens stuff). I should probably do this too. Visiting from Monday Social.

  10. Fantastic idea! Most husbands, mine included would not have a clue!

    Thanks for sharing and linking up at Dishing It & Digging It. We enjoy seeing your creativity each week! :)

  11. I had a procedure done with the possibility of an overnight stay, so I packed (figuring if I was prepared I wouldn't need it :-) ) with a house coat (hospitals usually want you in there gowns so it is easier to do more procedures), my toothbrush and other toiletries, my phone and charger, my tablet that has my Bible and Kindle library, and my DPA/Medical Directive. In our area there are lots of fairs and gift shows and many vendors give away tote bags and back packs so finding a bag wasn't hard (the $5 entry fee to one resulted in a lot of bags, post-it notes, pens, mugs/water bottles, and tissues that were worth more than $5).

    As I hoped, I didn't have to stay, but at least no one had to run around and find things if it was needed.

  12. What a great idea. My husband would be able pull it together but I should assemble some stuff just in case. I love your taste in nighties.

  13. This is such a neat article...nice job!

    I would love for you to share this with my Facebook Group for recipes, crafts, tips, and tricks:

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  14. Excellent tips for being prepared for an unexpected medical emergency... I need to implement some of your ideas ASAP.... just in case.

    Thank you for joining Monday Social.



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